Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Connecting with nature a little bit every day!

It's so easy for me to wake up calm, have my first cup of coffee in bed ~nice, cozy & relaxed~
... by the time I am close to leaving for work...tension bubbles up inside of me like aged champagne.
I really need a Dog Whisperer discipline moment to snap me out of it... and only do what is absolutely necessary to leave on time! Cleaning out my purse to look for a dog food coupon is NOT necessary ~ my mind is trying to convince me that being 5 minutes late to work because I looked for a $5 coupon is worth a $200 traffic ticket!

After I come home from work, I really look forward to my walk around the village. Stopping at the creek really soothes my soul! It's also so nice that it's still daylight at five...and especially nice when the sun is shining. Much love to all ~Maria

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Power of Now

Hi Everyone! I'm almost done reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, so I'll be starting the Power of Now in a few days. I'm so excited to start sharing with everyone =)
love Rach

Casting Shadows

...Legend has it that Michaelangelo painted with a brush in one hand and a candle in the other to prevent his shadow from covering his masterpiece in progress.
When the believers in Corinth were feeling arrogant, Paul warned them "that no flesh should glory in His presence," and reminded them of what Jeremiah said, "He who glories, let him glory in the Lord."
If we want to display the masterpiece of God's glory on the canvas of our lives, we need to make sure the shadow of our ego isn't getting in the way of a great painting in progress! ~Maria's thoughts~
* inspirations from the Bible, today's "Daily Bread" mixed with a little Tolle.
*Painting: Jeremiah, by Michaelangelo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mom and Dad's visit was great!!! I miss you guys already and can't wait to see you next weekend! Mr. Darcy was so upset when dad left, and Chino Sanchez cried after mom got in the car and they drove away. The boys are excited about visiting next weekend too.

I'm writing this drinking from the flower cup and eating grapes from the "lil' birdie" plate you got me from Pier One. I loved our visit =) Hope you guys are able to get down here again soon.

Hugs n' kisses
P.S. I posted that sepia pic that you liked hehe

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spending time with Friends and Family

Hi Rachael!
We're thinking of you... I'm having a lot of fun with mom and dad here!!! It was a nice surprise for them to come visit me today =) Hope you are having fun in freezing Buffalo. Say hi to the snow for me and to Kara & Lauren.

love you,

Hugs are Good

Wow... a month has gone by since we've seen Amanda...
We chat everyday like there's no tomorrow... and sending hugs through emails and text messages just isn't the same as a real one!
I've been wanting to give Amanda a Big Hug all week...but couldn't because we're two hours apart!
Unable to wait for next weekend's visit...I just had to plan a spontaneous visit this weekend... so here we are! It's so nice to get a REAL hug, NOW!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Power of Now

We've been watching the TV show "Dog Whisperer" for weeks now!
I just love that show...
Cesar Milan is teaching me more about myself than anyone has in a long time! What is the energy that people and other living things (my two dogs for ex.) feel around me?

As a teacher, I am finding the lessons learned on "Dog Whisperer" to be superior to any of the methods and psychology classes I have ever taken. With what energy am I approaching each class, each student? With what energy am I enter into meetings with colleagues or parents?

Cesar Milan's mantra is that dogs "live in the now." They are generally easier to teach and to rehabilitate than humans. Why do we hold onto our weaknesses, bad habits, our sorrows and worries for so long?

All of this has inspired me to read another book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. I read "A New Earth" and participated in his online class on Oprah.com. "A New Earth" gave me fantastic insights into my own faith and interesting perspectives into scripture.
I am reading
The Power of Now with other family members. Hope to see them here at Calm Energy!
~ Have a Blessed night ~ Maria