Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stealing a moment or two

I stole a few moments for myself.
 September was such a busy month at school.
I just had to come up for air

...and take myself...
somewhere where I can easily lose myself 

... wandering through the past...
at Something Olde ~ Something New
{my favorite consignment shop}

...where I found this sweet gem of a teacup
and the little birdie that looks so cozy inside

and this adorable Warren Kimble hen and chicks lamp
that is now on my kitchen table.

 The sweet cross stitch tablecloth was a must.
as was the milk glass hen and chicks covered dish.
..I didn't stop there...

I also found a J Jill cashmere sweater set for a steal.
... I think I need the soft and cozy hugs of this sweater set 
along with all my prayers
to keep me sane at school :o)
{I love my students - they keep it real... it's all the state and national pressures making it unreal!}

 Oh... and for just a few dollars, I picked up fresh new Liz Claiborne reading glasses for my purse.
Can you believe how many things are typed in size 9 font these days!?!
~     ~    ~
 I love visiting this consignment shop filled with vintage treasures.
It makes me feel like I'm touching the past I'm back in the days of my mother and grandmother...
a wonderful
and comforting
Wishing you all wonderful and comforting October days.
Blessings and Overflowing Grace
to you

~ Maria

Thursday, September 6, 2012

summer makeovers

I love looking back at little projects that
still put a smile on my face.

This little dresser was $15.
It had chipping and peeling icky brown paint.
"Please bring me home, Maria"
 (Okay :o)

I was so happy when I brought it in the house all clean, creamy white and with 
its vintage brass knobs polished and pretty.
Barkeeper's friend brought the shine back like a dream!

 This worn little side table was only $10
but because it was so sturdy, I took it home and rescued it from a rainy garage sale day.

It just needed a little elbow grease
polish and stain.

 I smiled when this was finished.
$10... not bad!

I forgot to take a photo of the very, very old cottage dresser that I bought for my sewing room...
but I gathered the drawers for a "group shot" that would give you the idea of how it looked before.
For me this is another icky color.
It reminded me of that old "avocado green" color of the 70's.

I love using Stix Primer.
It really does stick to any surface.  The dresser got a little rough sanding first...
nothing too serious... and then two coats of Stix Primer.

 The gallon of creamy white Behr Paint in "heavy cream" refinished so many pieces this spring and summer... and there was still plenty to use for this dresser too.

It's great looking back to see some work finally done... some sweet little rewards of summer...
My spools of thread are all organized in the top drawers and folded fabrics in the bottom drawers.
Many of my patterns are in the drawers of the little dresser.
My feet are up tonight.
Back to school week is always so exciting.

I hope you had a great week too!
Blessings always, dear friends and family  

 {Happy to be participating in Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday}
 Furniture Feature Fridays