Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life is . . .

beautiful and full

 So much has happened since early autumn.
a wonderful JOY came to us at Christmas time.
...Amanda is now engaged to Nick...
He asked for her hand in marriage on New Year's Day and
he proposed a few weekends later.
We are all so thrilled.

Nick is such a sweet man.
They have known each other since childhood, and their love story is one to tell.

Chris and I feel so blessed to have these wonderful men in our family. 
Our son, Jason; Rachael's husband, Juan; and Amanda's fiancé, Nick.

So, wedding plans are well underway.
The dress and venue are chosen.

{A peek at the venue is in the collage}

Early last fall, just after school started, my father, of 88 years, came to stay with us for another long convalescence.  
He needed lots of TLC and physical therapy...
He is doing much better now, and continues to need care and patience.
Dad returned to his home a few weeks ago and is making big decisions about these very tender years.
My siblings and I will be making lots of trips back and forth to help him in the meantime.

Just before Thanksgiving, I got away for an overnight to NYC.
It was a girls' weekend with Amanda, Rachael and Jason's girlfriend, Krystel.
We had an amazing time!

    Christmastime was wonderful with family all around.
Every moment was amazing.
Even the day after Christmas snowstorm was special because Jason hadn't seen snow in two years!
{Yes, it will be two years that Jason has been in Austin, Texas!}
 The sunrise photo I took on the way to work. 
I've been putting in 10-11 hour days and that is a topic for another post!

Our dog, Misty, is almost 18 years old and is very frail. 
She, too, needs a lot of TLC.  
Misty gave us tender love for so many years, 
she deserves our time now.
{Here she is, wearing her warm fleece vest, snuggled up and cozy 
with her life-long favorite toy, "Squeaky."}

I thank you for keeping in touch with me through this busy time in my life.
and especially for your prayers
I will be stopping to visit as many of you as possible this weekend.
I hope life has been sweet to you

Many blessings to you all!