Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make some snow of your own!

One of my students taught me how to make these pretty paper snowflakes.
We made giant ones using 8 x 8" squares.
Here's how you make them!

To make a paper star or snowflake
step 1:  Get ready.
You will need six sheets of paper, scissors, tape {stapler optional}
step 2:  Cut.
Fold paper to make a perfect square and cut off excess.
step 3:  Fold again to make a smaller triangle.
step 4:  Open triangle and make 5 - 6 cuts toward the center fold.
Do not go all the way to the fold; leave 1/4 inch uncut.
step 5:  Do the same on the other side.
{If you feel brave, you can make easier symetrical cuts by keeping the paper folded}
step 6:  Open the paper completely to reveal all the cuts.
Step 7:  Start taping.
Gather the centermost diamond and tape the points together
Step 8:  Flip the paper over and tape the next diamond together.
Step 9:  Flip again and tape the next diamond.
Step 10. Continue this until finished.
Step 11: Make 5 more...and gather all 6 parts and staple or tape them together.
Step 12: Roll a little tape {or staple} the sides together.
Here are a couple of YouTube links that will walk you through it.
They are so much fun to make!

Hang up your starry snowflakes from windows all around the house! 
Wouldn't they be great to hang in a room decorated for a winter birthday party!?!!


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

The finished snowflake looks great.

Julie Harward said...

That is awesome Maria...I struggle just to cut snow flakes! I am not crafty at all, my little grands do better than me. This is beautiful. :D

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Wow! That is certainly a step up from the single sheet snowflakes I made as a very pretty! Are you all ready at your house?

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful and intricate, but simple to make. Smaller ones my grandkids made years ago have aged. We need new ones! Thanks, Maria!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Marie,

HELLO THERE!! I have a student who made a gorgeous paper wreath for me. He sat there during goûter and folded and folded and folded until he came up with this lovely wreath! I am going to put white glitter on the tips and enjoy.


It's me said...

This is great !!! and blessings from

Linda said...

Thank you so much Maria. These will be perfect for our little apartment. No tree this year because there just isn't room, but these will be lovely.

Marg said...

Great tutorial...I think I feel like doing something like that. It gives such a festive feeling.

Martina said...

So pretty Maria - i must try to make one myself! Have a lovely day with christmas sparkles!

Gloria said...

Beautiful!!! Ok, now I feel like watching "ELF" :) That is what I call getting into the Christmas spirit of decorating. I love how he is a master at making paper snowflakes!! You did a wonderful job too, sweet Maria Elf! :)

Blessings for a joyous Christmas season!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...



What joy, what promise, what TRUTH!!!!

WE STILL have no snow. My next post which will go up is a metaphor for HIS coming and the coming of snow. It is a risk I am taking to write even MORE in a poetic form, but it is so fun. DEAREST, you go until Friday of next week? We go until Wednesday and WE ARE GLAD!

Off I go now to the doctor to see about this cold that has lasted too long...sending you germ-free virtual hugs!!!!!!!!! Anita

koralee said...

We think so much a like my friend...these are hanging in the Kindergarten rooms...we made them and how pretty they look...only ours are baby blue and pink...yes...a little touch of me even at the school.
Today is my last day...yahooooo. So much joy happening around our will be one fun day.
Lots happening here...2 Christmas parties this mom and dad come next week. And you will have all your sweet children home??? Joy joy joy. I just want everyday to go in slow motion so I can take it all in.
Love and hug to you dear one...may your days be blessed beyond measure. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Roo said...

ooooooo i love it !! i am so doing this with my girlies! love you!

dcrelief said...

Simply delightful!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

i never saw these before, Maria. They look pretty, very pretty. Perhaps I am going to make some of these during the Christmas vacation with my children.
Much love for a sweet Sunday and a merry Fourth week of Advent xxxxxx

francis said...

Sweet Maria , Thank you for all your support and your words and your prayers .
We are doing well and the girls did a make-over in my livingroom .
All is white now.
My sofa was red and I had so much red in my livingroom .....
New covers on the sofa's white and It lookes all new .....
We are used to have white around since we are in and out the hospital ..... The people are so nice there ......
We will be having our own white christmas inside and celebrate Elisabeth's 28 birthday on Christmasday .....
Lots of love and hugs

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear and sweet friend!!!!

Thank you for your kind words to me all year long Maria! And yes, aren't horses the most wonderful of creatures? When I look at them, I just think of the genius of our creator who makes all things with LOVE. And I too, as a child, rode horses on occasion and so wish I had one now. But blogging will have to suffice, as I have a horse friend out in England, named SPOTTY! His owner is the most beautiful and sweet soul. Well dearest, I have three more days this week of school; Wednesday is awash, for our party starts at 1:30 and the kids will be wild. I know you have the entire week to go, so I wish you the ENERGY necessary to carry out the duties!!! HUGS AND LOVE TO YOU MARIA!!! Anita

koralee said...

Enjoy your last few days my friend....spread that Christmas JOY to all you meet today.
Our last day was I have the whole week a head of me to enjoy {first deadline on my book coming Jan that will be my focus today}
My parents come on Wed. lots to do to get joy joy. xoxoxoxo HUgs dear one.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU DARLING and wonderful visit me again? BLESS YOU MY SWEET! I have until TOMORROW and we are off..I understand you go until Friday? BE STRONG! YOU CAN DO IT! THINKING OF YOU, MARIA!


francis said...

Oh my dearest sweetest Maria .
The postman surprised me today with your wonderful Christmas-Gift .
I was so moved by all of it
Thank you so so much I will be having a wonderful Christmas with the most special tea ..... and I will be thinking of you !
hugs X X X

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

this is so incredibly fabulous! i adore it!!! i am so happy i found you via blue bird notes!!! sending you holiday hugs and hope to see much more of you and your beautiful blog this new year! your newest follower!

Anita said...

Oh Maria, I LOVE these!!! My daughter makes them, and I had never seen them anywhere else! So so pretty!