Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dare alla Luce

Dare alla luce is an Italian expression for giving birth.

Let us bring forth the New Year
in peace and joy.
Let peace and joy be born anew in us.

~ Dare alla Luce ~

Let the New Year be filled
Light ~ Luce

Happy New Year 
to my
Friends & Family!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Glow


Let Us Carry His Light
 in our hearts
Throughout the Year

Christmas family visits
are still abounding!
I love having my family all around!

We finally had a family photo taken while at my brother's on Christmas Day!

*  *  *
 In the nick of time
I finished my
Mrs. Claus

(This was photo was taken early Christmas morning~still in my jammies).

 I saw this apron earlier in the season
and had to have one!
It was $24.99 at Pier 1 -- but only $6 after purchasing the fabric and faux fur!

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!
~Many Blessings to all of you as the Christmas Glow Continues~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



May Christ be born in our hearts
bringing us

Merry  Christmas 
dear  friends  and  family

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A snowflake in my Sky Watch

in my classroom window
makes me smile
all day

 *   *   *

I have two of these, they are about a foot wide!
~I bought them at Pires Florist during a hometown visit~
...and so glad I did...
Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 

* Have yourself a Merry Weekend *

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Own Very Merry First Tablescape

It's amazing what a little inspiration will do!

So many of you are wonderful 'teachers' and have a great way of sharing your gift of hospitality!

It is my turn to be on 'the other side of the desk' this week
as I participate in my very own ~ first Tablescapes Thursday.
(After Thanksgiving I shared my sister's tablescape).
The extra care many people take in preparing a lovely table for dining has taught me so much about hospitality...

There's always something more for me to learn!
~Hospitality begins at home - 101~

Normally, just before the meal is served,
we're clearing mail, magazines and kitchen odds & ends from the table...
...scrambling for silverware...
and someone calls,
"Did anyone remember the napkins?"
~  ~  ~
Last week, I set the table in the sunroom
with inspirations from Tablescapes and from Kathy at Classé Catering.
We had a meeting with her regarding the menu for our
daughter's wedding (which is next summer).
The table in Classé 's  meeting space was decorated with a midnight blue- floor length tablecloth, a glass vase filled with silver ornaments and snow all around the vase.

~Here's my "Warm Winter Greetings" version~

It was wonderful toasting a lovely supper at a pretty table.

Placemats from Lenox ~ Winter Greetings
Salt & Pepper birdies ~ Pier 1
Tomato Cast Iron pot ~ Le Creuset
Soup bowls ~ Marshall's Home Store
Soup ~ Potato Leek soup with fresh leeks from our garden.
Easy recipes here   and at FarmGirlCyn's here.
Wine glasses - el cheapo $1 (tile floors in sunroom!) 
Irish Coffee mugs ~ Pier 1
Napkin rings ~ from an estate sale

Snow and  Potpourri fun

I had so much fun!
Thanks everyone for being so inspiring!

My cutie snowgirl from Pires Flower Basket in Norwich, NY

Please stop over to Susan's to see some spectacular tablescapes...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Giving Tree - The Christmas Bathrobe -

A tree with special ornaments
makes its appearance every year in many churches.  Written on each paper ornament is a gift for someone in need.
One Christmas season,
The Giving Tree gave me a gift I will never forget.

Six years ago, Chris and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Geneva-On-The-Lake in The Finger Lakes region of NY.  It is so beautiful there; we had such a wonderful time.  For two frugal people, we did a little splurging, enjoying the views, the food and their lush bathrobes. 

The day we checked out of our hotel, we meandered over to their gift shop.  They had all kinds of typical things for sale...mugs, glasses, other souvenirs.  But, what caught my eye were
their bathrobes!   Frugal as I am, I didn't buy one...but I always remembered how wonderful they were.

Months later, I was at  BJ's Club and saw beautiful bathrobes for sale (they were stocking up for Christmas).  Oh...they were as nice as the ones from Geneva and priced to sell!
I didn't really need a new bathrobe.  My old one was okay... not as pretty and lush... but still okay.
After a long pause, a pretty pink one went in my cart.

For some reason, I didn't use it right away; it hung, tags still attached, in my closet.

On the first of December... in the gathering space of our church...
The Giving Tree stood in the center.
As I wandered over,  I saw that most of the ornaments were pulled off at the center and near the top...
Since there were many on the bottom, I reached down and pulled off a paper tag from deep in the tree.
On it was written
~ Ladies Bathrobe ~

I froze, there on my knees, at the foot of The Giving Tree...
...that, for a moment, was connecting me to Heaven...
~ Ladies Bathrobe ~
A pink one
meant for giving
was already hanging in my closet...

That week, I bought matching pajamas and slippers and wrapped them with the robe ~ nice and pretty.
With a full heart and tears in my eyes, I left the gift under the Tree...
...but the real Gift that Christmas, was the one born in my heart...

Christmas morning came two weeks later.

There, under our tree, were two large boxes wrapped by my husband, Chris.
There was a box for each of us;
I opened mine slowly ~ with anticipation.
Inside were the lush bathrobes from Geneva-On-The-Lake.
He had called and ordered them in August, a month after our anniversary;
he thought this would be a  
Grand Christmas surprise.

...The universe came full circle that day...

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.
For me, it is one I will always remember and cherish in my heart.
~Merry Christmas~

© Maria @ Calm-Energy

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Snowy Skywatch Day

Wednesday morning
the phone chain begins
No school today, Maria!

No stiff shoes to put on today
No lunch to pack
No school bag to fill

Old snow blower makes its winter debut
~ Thank you Chris ~

Cozy wool socks all day
Coffee with frothy milk
Christmas music

Birds to watch

 Our little dark-eyed juncos and sparrows
two downy woodpeckers
a beautiful cardinal

A Wonderful Day to Enjoy!

Then I shoveled the 3' barricade the town plow left at the end of my driveway.
I'll have another cup o' tea and two Advil please ;o)

Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 
Klaus Sandy Sylvia Wren Louise Fishing Guy

Monday, December 7, 2009

Remembering Mom

 Thirty-one years ago today
December 7, 1978
My mother passed on
to a new life with her Creator.
How we miss her.

I've been reading the Psalms
One each day before I leave work.
it was Psalm 23.
I know that Mom
'dwells in the house of the Lord forever.'

cheerleader, bride, then mother

She gave us family and love

~ We miss you Mom ~ 

 Dear Dad,
When we hear
"And the two shall become one,"
I believe that this is true for you and Mom.
You have opened your heart to do more than one person ever could alone.
Thank you for doing all the grandfather and grandmother things for your grandchildren.
Mom would be so impressed with your extra-special-double chocolate cake!
*  *  *
"Mother dear, sometimes in dreams
I wander in an endless night,
When, lo, a loving hand takes mine
And leads me to the morning light."
~ Robert Brault ~
Thank You

Song:  "Heirloom" by Amy Grant