Thursday, April 14, 2016

Are you watching eagles and owlets?

I am addicted to watching the DC eagles
Mr. President and The First Lady are such wonderful parents!
This is a screen shot I took of the early morning light on their nest.

And I'm watching and waiting for the owlets in Savannah, Georgia to branch
and take their first flights.
They are also hilarious as they are wide awake most of the night
 and their swaying and bobbing will make you laugh out loud!

It's so windy most of the time on the island where the 
Great Horned Owls have nested...

The owlets must be exhausted from their tight grip on the nest!

Enjoy the majestic birds and the skies in Washington D.C. and Savannah, Georgia this week...
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Barb said...

Maria, when we visited in western CO along the CO River, I watched carefully for eagles and owls but didn't see any. However, the Magpies dressed in their tuxedos were flying low and squawking their mating ritual. Enjoy your spring - end of school countdown is on!