Wednesday, December 12, 2012

...Now you are light in the Lord...

Live as children of light 
~ for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth ~

Ephesians 5:8-10

That is my prayer each and every day...
because it's just so easy sometimes "to make that comment"
or "think that thought" that lets the darkness creep in.
It's so good
to be reminded that we are light in the Lord.
 How is everyone doing?
I miss everyone!

Our Christmas decorations are going up slowly.
The tree in the sunroom was decorated last weekend.
My smaller tree that stands with the Christmas village had
its turn tonight.


Ever since "my little birdies" flew the nest, Advent seems
to rush by.  When they were small, wiggly children, Chris and I worked so hard 
before and after supper to create a special time for Advent prayer and candle lighting.
The forty days of Advent seemed so long :o)
Now, before we know it, these next couple of weeks will breeze by.
Faces of loved ones will be at our front doors and
gathered 'round our tables.
the winks and smiles
  the unstoppable laughter
the endless baking and cooking and
coffee and more tea
and another hug

is all we really truly wish for

I wish you all happy and joyfilled moments
in the coming days ahead
and always,

Love to all!
~ Maria

Photo taken inside the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas


Wanda said...

Your post as touched me deeply
Maria...Today has been a day of reflection for me, and some tears. 44 years ago today I lost my Dad to cancer at only 57. I was in my 20's and didn't realize how young he was, and that my mom was widowed at 54. She never remarried, but pour her life into her kids and grandkids.

This cycle of life is joyful and sad...a mixture of all.

But this time of year, I'm so glad to be closer to our family and we can all celebrate the Birth of our Savior together.

Having fruitcake and coffee...wish you were here!

koralee said...

Hi sweet friend...this is so true...we are light in the LOrd! Let us never forget.
The season is flying my friend...I wish it would slow on down so we can enjoy it is slow motion.
My Molly is home now and we are so enjoying her company!
Sending you some peaceful moments in this very busy time. xoxo

Julie Harward said...

Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and his great light, what a joy that brings to me. I am getting excited about it too, for all the same reason, the most important reasons. <3

Deanna said...

May you have a very Merry Christmas!

francis said...

Lieve Maria ,
Always such a peaceful place to visit here .....
Imagening having tea with you at your kitchentable ..
and just enjoy your always Calm Energy .
I just posted about Hope and Wishis
Hope you are doing well !

It's me said...

Beautiful...may your live will filled with the light......God is from this time...13 days to

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning darling Maria! I have missed you! But I know that school is just a crazy place at this time. I barely got my decorations up last week and I am loving the beauty. Come by when you can for a twinkle of love! Anita

koralee said...

Thinking of you sweet friend...especially today with all the tragic events that happened out your way...our hearts are filled with grief.xox

koralee said...

Sweet Maria...hope you are doing well...and your prechristmas days are filled with many many blessings. I am now done school and looking forward to my family parents will be up for the molly is many thankful blessings. May you find Jesus'love..peace and joy underneath your tree this year. Thank you for being such a dear sweet friend to me. xoxox

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I cannot tell you how good it was to see your comment this morning! I just saw it after I put up my new post. I got up super early to try to finish it only to find that the music I have been listening to that inspired my words is DISABLED! ARRR!

Anyhow, it was great to read your thoughts, my dear colleague. I have been stunned and shaken regarding the recent events, not knowing how to respond. But I agree with every word you have said and I believe that many of these problems are multiplied by our culture of misplacing PRIORITIES. I remember having a conversation last year with my class asking this question: "What do you prefer - looking at a video on science or listening to the teacher give the science lesson?" One bold child just said it (this is fourth grade). He said, "I prefer the video because I don't want to listen to your voice." This is taught. This is habit that results from being brought up by too many artificial intelligences. Our schools are not given the means to give kid what they really need: MORE LIVE TEACHERS TO MENTOR THEM!

Oh, you and I could go on.....Come visit my new post if you can. Much love to you dear and beautiful colleague. Anita

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Blessings to you, dear Maria...and wishes for a most wonderful Christmas!


Barb said...

Hello Maria, I wanted to come by to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope you're resting after the Christmas holidays and enjoying your break. Stay warm!

koralee said...

Happy weekend dear one! Just popped over to see how your New Year is going??? You are back to school already? We all head back on Monday!'s over in a blink of an eye! I knew this would happen. Oh well onward to Spring Break..where I will be off to the that is something to look forward too.
Thank you for all the blessings and joy you bring. Take care and have a very blessed weekend. Today is my clean up the mess around home day and try to get organized! Wish me luck! xoxo

Diana said...

I haven't been around in quite awhile Maria. I noticed that you posted this on my Katie's 18th birthday. Shortly after she moved out so I too am an empty nester now. It's so hard to get used to.
Anyway I hope you had a wonderful holiday my friend.
Love Di ♥

koralee said...

Thank you sweet friend for your comments you left me. I miss your posts over really are an inspiration to so many.
Hope your week has been beyond wonderful...I am starting my weekend because Fridays are my day off. xoxoxo

Sue said...

One of my plans for the new year was to spend less time doing things that didn't lift me up and to spend more time getting back to things that did. It seems that I was spending too much time playing games on my iPad (I never played a game one until I bought that gadget) and spending too little time reading, blogging or even just being still. I'm trying to work my way back to visit some of the people who do "lift me up" and you are certainly one of those. I hope all is well with you.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Maria,

I HAVE MISSED YOU! How is school? How are you doing? Anita

francis said...

Live as children of light ....
Dearest Maria It has been long since I visited your blog .
My laptop was out of order but
I am so happy my son has been able to repare it.
So I can visit my dearest friends again .
Are you doing well Maria ?
Winter is a hard time to be a working teacher The dark months .
The getting up early in the morning when the world is dark outside
A whole other energy .
But also with family gatherings to warm our hearts .
Wishing you a lot of love and a big hug .