Friday, October 21, 2011

Lots of Apples a Day!

baskets and bowls of apples from our yard

I'm taking three at a time to school each day.
serving up apple crisp on a routine basis.

How about this idea that I found on Pinterest?
an apple pie in an apple!

These apple cupcakes are adorable.
but no real apples needed...
just smiles that say
thank you!

I could make them with an apple cake recipe!
Gotta use up our apples!

I'm visiting my dad this weekend.
A sister's weekend with our Dad.
I'll be bringing him
a bag of apples
for sure!

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Wishing you sunshine
especially in your


Anita said...

Oh Maria, enjoy your dad!! Loving the apple photos!! We went with Cristian's kindergarten class to an apple orchard yesterday. I always start craving apples this time of year anyway!! I was wondering who Christ was, then I saw your name, lol!! Thanks for stopping by:-)

koralee said...

Pure JOY...Love these sweet ideas..I have seen the cupcakes before but not that idea using the apple as the apple pie container...pure whimsy. Have a great weekend..I am off to Seattle tomorrow with my girls. xoxoxo

Martina said...

I love everything baked with apples - such comforting fall-food! Have a lovely weekend Maria!

francis said...

That lookes wonderful Maria .
And even more having your new kitchen ...... I can see you ...
I can hear you ...singing and baking ......
Wish you a future filled with your children and their families and lots of granchildren to enjoy everything you baked .......
and when they leave you give them all a basket filled with your apples and .......
I wish ...for you !
Little Eva is so enjoying her fruit , applesauce mmmmmmmm
and she lookes so adorable with the very unique american pink or blue BIB you made for her ( and ME ! )
It makes me feeling SO BLESSED everytime I use the beautiful BIB's you made and I tell her about YOU !
And she smiles ....
Next week on monday tuesday wednesday she is with me and
I promess to make a picture !
Hope your weekend with your dad was loving and restful .

Wanda..... said...

Will have to try making the apple pie in an apple....such a natural, why didn't I think of doing that before?!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I LOVE APPLES..and I enjoy them in my spinach salad, chopped up in my oatmeal, or just crunched down upon with the teeth I still have to EAT!!!! YEAH! Lovely, lovely basket of gold you have here, and I wish you a wonderful visit with your daddy. Anita

Lori's page said...

Goodness me, what delightful baking! Mine in comparison is so feeble. However, I must say, I've recently done a lot of apple compote, and added a touch of ginger, delightful! Yours is making my moth water! LOL. Hugs, Lori xxx

It's me said...

Enjoy a happy happy weekend...much love from

Barb said...

Maria - you are so creative with your baking and everything always makes my mouth water! Love that "apple" apple pie. I've been eating Honeycrisp apples every day while they're in season. (Sometimes with a dab of peanut butter.) Enjoy your time with Sis and Dad.

Julie Harward said...

I love apples and in the Fall they just taste especially good! ;D

dcrelief said...

Let the salivating begin!:)xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maria, I hope you have had a wonderful sister weekend giggling, apples eating with your sweet dad.
I saw the picture of the apple pie in the apple on your pinterest wall and think it a lovely idea.
Internet is one of the handiest things happened to our human beings according moi.
Have happy happy Monday dearest xx

Gloria said...

Hi Maria,

Your photos are all so lovely and yummy! Your apples look so delicious. How blessed you are to have them!

Those apple cupcakes are so cute! Love the color...:)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your dad and sisters. I spent last week with my sisters and family out in Utah. Family is a dear and precious gift from God...enjoy!!

Love & blessings to you for a day full of joy,

francis said...

Good morning Maria ,
are you enjoying the early-mornings of autumn on your way to school ? I always love the smell of autumn . I hope your apples keep you healthy and well.
All the best from me to you

Rosie said...

Love the apple in an apple trick! There is nothing better than the aroma of an apple pie in the oven!
Have a great "sisters weekend" Savoring each and every moment...hugs...Rosie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my precious friend Maria,

Thank you for your kind words and for coming to visit me. Dearest, you know, the conversation you had with your daughter about our careers, well this subject has been coming up more between me and my dear colleagues and me and my husband. My days have been emotionally stressful and a rollercoaster ride. If I could, i would make a change NOW. And yesterday, in the middle of a stressful moment, my fabulous colleague (from a totally different faith all together) gently reminded me ( I just asked her how she copes) that she has seen WORST situations in the education system and that she is just grateful that she is able to let things roll off her back....I had to ask God to forgive me for my complaining, and I must continue my awkward dance from a different perspective if I am going to (NO, AS I AM GOING TO ) survive RTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teehee....

THANK YOU FOR YOU encouragement and sweet friendship; these are the things that keep us going.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

How fun. There is nothing quite like spending time with our sisters!