Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Ready for a Vintage Christmas

I ♥ vintage things

especially vintage linens.

This design just makes me smile.
It's so cheery and bright!


I bought the oblong one for my diningroom table.
For my little kitchen bistro table, which is nearby, I wanted a matching round one.

There were two on ebay.
One was $55 and perfect.
The other was only $12.50, but needed some help.

I decided to help :o)

It was my pleasure to add some gold sparkle fabric paint to this vintage treasure.
It's not perfect, but what fun I had!

How about this amazing aqua and red tablecloth!
It sold a few weeks ago to some lucky ebayer.

 cute, cute, cute

Vintage = smiles!

I hope you are all having a lovely week,
...making a little time here and there for yourself...
Wishing you a few quiet moments each day to quiet your mind and hear
His whispers.


Julie Harward said...

Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I love vintage..I had one that my mom had given me, used it every year, then my daughter begged it from me! LOL Oh well, I know where it lives! ;D

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maria, You got a sweet treasure! I would have never thought of helping it by painting the tablecloth myself.
How very clever!

It's me said...

My ears are white open darling......without him i can't make my days.......it is so hard without my mom......love and blessings from me.....♥.. ♥... ♥....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OHHHHHHH! FIRST OF ALL, my mom had one similar to this, with the aqua colored TREES!!!!!!!! YOU TOOK ME BACK TO MY CHILDLIFE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! AND... I so love that you added the gold paint!!!

Maria, you are a wonderful friend. Thank you for visiting my shop. You really made me feel good....and conferences are TOMORROW and my voice is getting better, but is still raw. THANK YOU for asking my dear.....healing is coming! AND YOU? HOW ABOUT YOU? Any conferences coming up? HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HOLIDAY PLANS!!!!!!!! Like Koralee, conferencing will be done on Friday, but WE have more to do on THURSDAY! AHHHH!


dcrelief said...

So pretty. I'm painting a navy sheet as a backdrop for my little Christmas village. It has great mountains of snow and a big white moon. I'll try to get a photo up soon. Bless you, M~

Diana said...

I have I think three vintage Christmas tablecloths too Maria. They were handed down to me. I use them every year although there are some really old stains on one of them! I just cover them up with decorations. They are so beautiful.
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

Wow! That first one is BIG, too, isn't it??? How clever you are to find a way to "help" the second!

I have several vintage Christmas cloths, too. I need to start getting them out :)

koralee said...

You clever girl you...I love this idea!! Your Christmas table will be adorable!
That aqua and red one makes my heart beat a little faster too. I have not even thought about my table yet...seeing our new table is huge and without the leaf it sits 8 to 10..with the leaf 14...I better start thinking of something!!!
Hugs and love to you dear one...I always love visiting you! Off to school I go...you are already there and working hard. xoxoxoxxooxxoox

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What is it about vintage linens? Do they remind us of our grandmothers? I brought home a couple of vintage cloths from my mother-in-law's things. They won't match my colors this year, but I may just have to do a tablescape (if I can get back into that). I mostly seem to be puppy chasing right now, but she is starting to get in a routine, which helps my routine get back to normal!

Cathy said...

I love those table clothes. Beautiful!

Vintage Home said...

oh my I kinda skipped a beat when I saw the last adorable table cloth! Yikes too cute!. Wish you loved closer too as Joy from Village Green @ Village Antique Mall has the best collection of salt & pepper shakers. But no doubt you will be able to fill that order in the great area you are in.
Love what you did with the table cloth, you clever girl!
Am still feeling kinda weak about the turquoise & red one!
Thank s for dropping by!

Barb said...

I have placemats that have this vintage look given to me many years ago by a dear friend. I get them out every Christmas season. Yours will look lovely in your remodeled kitchen. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Maria. We're going to get the older Grands for several days of skiing fun prior to the holiday.

Linda said...

They are delightful Maria. I especially like the round one. You did such nice work!
You have a blessed week too!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maria,

you did a wonderful job on your vintage treasure. The colors are bright and perfect for the Holiday season.
We have Sinterklaas, a children's feast on December 5th, December 6h I will get my tree up and start decorating for Christmas, well I think I will start a little earlier bringing little splashes of christmas to my home.
How have you been?
We have been covered with fog for days, my curtains are open so I can enjoy the fog safely ;)
Much love is winging the Atlantic to you xo xo xo