Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home is home, be it ever so humble

“When you're safe at home you wish you were having an adventure;

when you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home”

Wherever you hang your hat,
or take off your shoes

may it be
home sweet home!

Grateful this weekend and always,
that where we hang our hats,
we are home free home!

Thankful to all our servicemen and women that keep
peace and freedom.


Linda said...

This is beautiful in so many ways Maria.
Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Diana said...

Amen to that Maria! I hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend. Love Di ♥

Joyful said...

Ha, ha. I love the garden in the shoes. Such beautiful words you write too :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon precious and pretty Maria!!!!

Yes, I am so grateful and one of our dear blogger buds, Stacy over at Design Addict Mom, her husband is a vet and I just told her to tell him THANK YOU for the service he has given to us all. What a blessing. And how are you spending your MEMORIAL DAY weekend my sweet? We had TONS of rain yesterday, today is HUMID and 90 degrees and then tomorrow, more rain. But hey, IT IS HOME and it is GREEN and lush and I am loving it.


It's me said...

What a nice post !! from me....happpy

Barb said...

Those are great photos, Maria, and a lovely tribute. I'm liking succulents more and more - may have to try your shoe method!

Dixie said...


Vintage Home said...

HI Maria...Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet comment!
I am looking for your email address but can't seem to see it!
Email me @ we shall talk paint! Would love to!

Vicki said...

Hi, Maria,
I am definitely a homebody. I love to go on a trip for a few days, but I am always ready to get back to my little cottage. Thank you for sharing this charming post today. And yes, a special thank you to all of our service men and women who have kept us safe over the years~Sending love to you~Vicki

koralee said...

Hi sweet Maria....I just know how much fun you had with your dear family this weekend. Isn't it nice to have everyone home! We do like our cozy homes.

When is your last day of school? Our students go until June 22 and then we have a teacher week after that...One more month for me! It will go fast!

xoxoxoxoxo Enjoy your short week at school

Julie Harward said...

That is the sweetest picture of the little nose peeking out of the tree and I love the old shoes with plants in so cute! :D

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Maria,

YOU TOO? You too would love a little patch of earth, a GOAT and a pond? ME TOO! I love goats...teeeheee

I TOO always wanted a shop to just have MY OWN business ( I do hope that this will grow as Etsy and as a freelance writer/artist)

and dear heart, I HEAR YA about those meetings with wonderful colleagues that occur TOO OFTEN to discuss NEW programs. It is draining. For us, it is RTI; what you mention sounds like something time consuming, something that the EXPERTS promise will work but that we have to give TIME to work. Ha....all the while, we teachers become exhausted and then when we finally get the hang of it, SOMETHING ELSE NEW comes along!

My dearest, I wish you the strength and vision to find something that can replace what you currently do, if you wish. For me, the timing was just right. Another thing, I am finding that children these days have many more stressors and challenges than ever before. This is making larger classrooms and transitions even more difficult and for me, long gone or rather, FAR AND FEW BETWEEN are the days where a teacher can just sit and read to her students.

BLESS YOU and GOD BE WITH YOU. Off I go now to get ready for school. LOVE! Anita

francis said...

I was on my way to write a comment and than I read what sweet Anita wrote ......
I guess we are all in a stage there could be change ....if we want .....
Passing the years we grow and change can help to keep us focussed .
For me is the not-working part still a challenge .....
The missing is not as rough as it was
To cope with life is a beautiful gift I think and the not knowing is a day by day challenge.
Home is more important than ever .
With my children living on their own everybody asks me when I will move .
Because they find the house too big for only me ....
That strucks me every time ....
Why should I move from my HOME where my heart is ......
Where the children are born and grew up .... where I have a garden and neighbours who are always there for me .....
Being alone without a husband it's very important to feel safe in my neighbourhood .
Now little Eva is enjoying my garden too ....
Thank you for sharing this beautifull post with us

Gloria said...

Dear Maria,

Your photos are as cute as a button here!!! :) I love them all!!

That tree looks like a Squirrel Hotel, my goodness! :)

What a creative and clever idea you got here. Those succulents in the shoes are adorable!! Very sweet!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend!


catkin tales said...

i just had to comment on this post too.
the squirrel peeping out of the tree trunk is the sweetest thing ❤
and i love the shoe garden too! :)

The Captain's Daughter said...

Home SWEET Home, indeed!