Monday, October 4, 2010

From New York to Verona

Letters to Juliet
We were entertained from beginning to end.
What a charming film
...a great girls night movie...
Amanda, Rachael and I loved it

I also discovered "Red Box"

Rent a movie right in my grocery store...for $1 a day.

What a fun weekend we had.
Now it's back to work tomorrow...
and oh yes,
We wake up with four dogs in the house!
Muffin and Misty
Mr. Darcy and Chino.
{the two bad boys in the middle}
 We're doggie sitting for Amanda.
My old girls will have a long week!

Have a GREAT week dear friends,


It's me said...

O Maria 4 dogs..................that is a house full off....hahahah!! lovely week !!! love Ria...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your new header is beautiful, its really calming! The layout suits the message. Hmm, this is not a great sentence but I hope you know what I mean to say ;D
So this week you are enjoying four little ones in hour cozy home too. Let's have tons of fun together apart.
Love for a wonderful week, sweet Maria xxx

koralee said...

Oh love your sweet puppies..they do look like they are so wanting to find trouble..look at those sweet faces!!! I can't image 4 of them following you around...what a cute image in my head right now!

Yes..that movie is wonderful!

Hugs for a great week ahead. xoxo

Have a Earl Grey for me today. xoxo

The Captain's Daughter said...

Love the new header look!

And,... we LOVE Redbox! Don't forget to sign up on-line... They send coupons for free videos. :)

Much love,


B SQUARED said...

We have a couple of "two mixed" dogs. They managed to get the worst of both breeds. They might fit in with your gang.

Julie Harward said...

Hi, I just loved that movie too, in fact I just bought it. Cute pack of little ankle biters there LOL When my daughters come we have 6 of those little ones around. Have a fun week of it! :D

francis said...

Yesterday I asked my son for a movie .... he downloads them from the internet ! He knows very well what movies I like .
LETTERS TO JULIET is dafinitely my kind of movie .... so THANK YOU not only for mentioning it but also a trailor ....wauw .
Have a beautiful week sweet friend
now I know we love skies and movies !

Sandy said...

Hi, Maria! Great minds think alike (as the saying goes). Letters to Juliet arrived just today from Netflix. My sister, my daughter, and I took my mom to see it in the theater several months ago. We rarely go to the movies--not much decent stuff out there--but this was a sweet one, and I thought it would be nice to watch it again. Hope you are having (or had?) fun with all those pups this weekend!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

My dad and I watched this movie together while he was here and we both loved it. At the end, he was the one with tears and I was smiling!

Redbox is my favorite. When I first found it a year or so ago...I couldn't quit talking about it. We have one at Walmart, Walgreens and our local grocery. So, you can rent one place and return at another...isn't it great?

Bela said...

Hi, dear!!

I got sooo curious about the movie!!! It has been a long time I since I watched a good movie!
Four dogs? Oh, mine! Cute little ones!!!
The best week for you, sweet Maria!! Bela.

Anita said...

Oh Maria, you have gotten way ahead of me over here! Where have I been? I love those napkin rings below, how pretty they are! All those dogs! That has to be fun!

I did not even realize the rooster was on sale! I do love mine, and I'm glad I chose the square for something different. I'm going to have another giveaway of the Italian COuntryside flatware in a couple weeks. I am really loving that because it is so heavy and nice.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!

EcoRover said...

You are a GOOD friend, at least that's what Mr D & Chino say!

Bumpkin Bears said...

That sounds like my kind of movie. Those dogs look so cute, have fun doggy sitting :) Catherine xx

Gloria said...

My oldest daughter rented this movie the other night. We all enjoyed watching it together! :)
Have fun doggy sitting...they look so cute standing there!!
Have a beautiful day!
xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~