Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Bay Packers Chili Night!

My son, Jason is a Packers Fan.
Amanda is too.
Sunday night, the Packers played and Jason offered to make his famous chili dinner.
Mom's night off ~ yippee!
Jason makes a great pot of chili.
He uses onions, garlic, peppers, ground turkey, crushed tomatoes 
and then, adds tons of Bush's chili beans and black beans.
Served always with chips on the side...
We had Tostitos with a hint of lime...Tostitos scoops are great too.

I found these dishes for Jason earlier this year at my favorite consignment shop.
I couldn't resist... PACKERS colors GREEN and YELLOW!

Photobucket perfect for a chili dinner on a Green Bay night!


At our house in the fall, we root for the Giants, U Albany and Green Bay.
Who do you root for?


I hope your week started off well.
Can you believe October is almost over!
This morning at work, 
I stumbled upon snow-day photos from last winter... 
I'm cherishing every last leaf of autumn!

Peace and Joy, always,


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

These two colors go so great together, a warm combination. I like your table setting very much, Maria, cozy and inviting!
Enjoy this last Tuesday of October, sweet friend.
Off to school, Celeste wants to come home ;)

Diana said...

Amazing! Jake and I are Packer fans too and he made a huge pot of chili for the game! Only thing is that I didn't make it up through the entire game but he did!! I just kept complaining because it was on so late, my bedtime is 9:00! Oh well at least they won, probably because I went to bed! LOL!!! Love Di ♥

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Your sons chili sounds football delicious! I'm making this yummy recipe! Look for it on StoneGable's Menu with a link back to this post.
Thanks for all the chili yumminess... and Go Penn State (my daughter was a Penn State Cheerleader) and Fly Eagles Fly!
xo Yvonne

Julie Harward said...

I too am just in shock at how fast this month has flown by, maybe it was because we had a weeks vacation but wow, where is the time going so fast? Your son's chili look awesome, I would let him make that any time! I don't watch sports but I'm sure if our sons were here I would. I used to love to watch the Utah Jazz team. :D

The Captain's Daughter said...

Seriously!! I need to start shopping consignment shops! Oh, and GoodWill stores too! First, my friend is finding great pyrex at GoodWill, and now you're posting the most lovely dishes! Note to self made!

The chili looks terrific and your family is beautiful!

I'm a long-suffering Cowboys fan. And, last night was another PAINFUL evening for me!

Sweet Autumn wishes to you!

Dianne said...

This chili looks awesome--and the chips with hint of lime--oh me--I am drooling--guess it's time for dinner!

I am including this link for Jason

We knew him when we lived in Tulsa and he was a great guy. He played for the Packers and is in their hall of fame.

He was one of the original Marlboro Men--Just thought he might be interested to learn that one of the Packer greats was great off the field as well.

Blessings dear friend,

koralee said...

What a cozy dinner...One of my favourite feel good meals is chilli..I think I could eat it every night.

Thank you for your sweet thoughts concerning my macaroons..I was happy with the way they turned out.

Well today I stayed home... my back is about 50% better so I am happy...will take it very easy tomorrow as I head back.

Hugs to you xoxoxo

Bela said...

Pretty table set, Maria dear! I love your cozy dinning room!! It looks like the food was delicious!!
October goes full of good memories and here comes November as an empty paper to be colored by us!!!
Be fine, dear friend! Bela.

Teresa said...

Love me some chili!
And how FUN that your son makes it for you and your family!
Love the dishes!
You find the best dishes Maria!
Who do I root for?
Well ALABAMA Crimson Tide...all the WAY!
Rolllll Tide! xoxoxoxoxo

Gloria said...

Beautiful photos of your evening with your family. I just made a big pot of chilli with beans last night! Posted a pic of it too! :)
Your son's chilli looks fabulous!

Nothing like a bowl of warm chilli to warm up a family!!! My mom made us chilli on cold days...a great family memory for me.
Thanks for sharing..Happy day to you,
xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

Barb said...

You sure go all out for the game, Maria! That chili looks delicious. I think jason and I use the same recipe.

Rosie said...

Hey Sweet Maria...How are you dearest? It has been so long. But now that the decorating is done...{YIPPEE}...I hope to have more time to sit and have a little cuppa with my girlfriends...Lovin' this post...I am not a football fan, but I could be persuaded if there were party fixin's like I aloud to say cute when speaking of football? ;D xoxoxo...Rosie

koralee said...

Hi was so fun to do make macaroons. The baked cookie is crisp..and soft in the middle..kinda chewy.
I did not like the swiss started out yummy but then was really runny so I added some icing sugar to thicken it...make it super sweet...more like icing..

But really they did turn out amazing...hope you try them my friend.

Wish I could send you some of mine.

Hugs for a great to school will be a standing day.


Rosie said...

Hello my dear...
That dresser, is actually my counter. My talented husband gutted it, and now all the drawers open to the back:)...I have a special long flat drawer that pulls out for tissue. I always thought, if ever I had the room for a "wrapping station", {no time soon} this is what it would look like.
As for refinishing, I was fortunate enough not to have to do anything to this particular piece, but I have done this one up before using a robin's egg was delicious :). Ahhh dear heart, I have missed you.
Hoping for more cuppa time now...we'll see.
Sending you a HUGE hug...Rosie

Marg said...

I'm way out in left field...Out here we watch the BC Lions work there way to the semi finals...
Our Grey Cup final is always in the middle of November.
Looks like we both had chilli on our minds today..I posted it on our MGCC blog.

francis said...

mmmmmm I can almost smell it . Your son did a great job !
November is almost here ....
almost my birthday ... I love having my birthday in the fall .
Wishing you a wonderful week ( almost weekend again ! ) All the best from Holland

Andrea (Softer Side of Me) said...

Ummmm..Dish me up a bowl! Awesome table and great combination on the colors. My son is a Packer fan!!
Thanks for sharing! Andrea

Anita said...

Wow, that looks great and in such a pretty setting too!! Seems like I have not "seen" you forever! We are all sick with flu, one with strep, and two with colds, so I'm very slow getting around. Thanks for posting the giveaway and for entering! Hope you are well:-)

Miss Char said...

The colors for your table look fantastic for a fall evening of chili. I love the simple settings you have placed on your table.

And to answer your question about allegiance to teams, well since I live in Michigan and we have the Lions...need I say more. I have been to a game at Lambeau a couple of times, lucky enough to have a corporate suite so I didn't have to sit out in the freeeeeeeezing cold of Green Bay.

Since my Michigan State Spartans are doing so well this year we're a happy family. Your son's chili recipe would sure taste good after a late fall game. Thanks so much for sharing. Go Green.

Roo said...

ahhh maria!!! looks like soo much fun. i love your heart!

B SQUARED said...

I don't think this is The Pack's year. Maybe if they ate some of that chili...

Barbara said...

What a cozy, wonderful table. I am a Packers fan only because that was my Dad's team. I'm not a big football fan but I always root for them. My high school colors were green and gold so the Packer's always felt just right. That chili looks so good. This is just my kind of night - yummy food, cozy meal surrounded by the people you love.

Entertaining Women said...

The Packer colored dinnerware is perfect for your game day chili feast. Thank you for sharing your charming and fun design. Cherry Kay

Kathleen said...

We root for the Boston Red Socks. My mom was related to the Mara's who own the Giants so we go for them. Used to get free seats years ago.
I am not in to sports, so I go for who dh likes. Not easy being a Red Sox fan here in NY! :)