Sunday, April 3, 2011

His favorite

We're gathering today to wish our son, Jason,
Happy Trails

He is moving to Texas for a new job.
We are so proud of him,
but we will miss him dearly.

He's getting some favorites for dinner.
Macaroni and Cheese
{Martha Stewart's amazing recipe}
and his most favorite dessert ever
Apple Pie

My apple slicer made the job super easy.
I filled this up in no time flat
with a little extra for my
cute little "personal" pie dish.
Just right for the leftover apples and pie crust scraps.

Just out of the oven
with some sugar sprinkles on top.

Sprinkling on some love today
and each day of this week.

Sending him off next Saturday.
 {Love goes with him, always}
Have a beautiful Sunday dear friends,
Let's make every minute count
~ filling the day with abounding grace ~


Wanda..... said...

Lovely Maria...a wonderfully sweet way to celebrate this bittersweet time with your son. Visiting him in Texas should be fun, especially in winter. Loved the creative pie dough photo with swirls of flour.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yes, indeed Maria....we must make every minute count! Enjoy your week with your son....seizing every day.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

A good mama knows what will make her son happy! And a favorite meal will do the trick!

Pies are like love, so full of sweetness and care! Beautiful.

I know the bittersweet feeling of sending a son out into the world. My son, just recently went from college to a job about 2 hours away. Even though it is within driving distance, it still is a little hard.
I'll be thinking of you and praying for your Son this week as I pray for mine.
xo Yvonne

It's me said...

That apple pie is amazing !!! please will you give me the recipe ??.....have a verry nice warm and cosy sunday....with lots of love and feel a little bit better it cost a lot of time to handle love

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

A wonderful mom cooked meal. Please email me if he needs some info on Austin, I would love to help him in anyway. Congratulations to all...I know a mixed blessing. We welcome him to Texas!

koralee said...

Sending you some extra love today my friend....I know how hard it is to say goodbye..but with goodbye's come hello's. Your pies look amazing. Have a piece for me today.

I am afraid I may have to take a week off school my back seems to be worse and I need to have therapy on hard to sit and sleep. I now stand at my spending less time on it...I miss visiting all my friends.

Have a good week. Love for a blessed day.


Kathleen said...

God be with your son in this new phase of his life. Yes, it is hard to watch them fly! Y sis is in Arlington, we miss her, and she misses LI even after 25 years!
The pie looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

oh sweet friend
i know the feeling
of a son moving away to work.
mine is in Pittsburgh
working in steel mills.
i was fine with it until he
sent me a picture of himself
sitting up in a little cab
of a 40 foot crane....

when he comes home for one
week in January we have
all his favorite dishes.
i guess there's nothing
like the memory of comfort food
to get you through being
away from home.

your pies look awesome...
take care my friend

Doreen said...

I can attest that truly does make WONDERFUL apple pies. I found out today that those little bears on the pie were symbolic of "Freddy", Jason's childhood teddy- so sweet. We will miss Jason. He is so very, very special.
Lots of love,

Barb said...

My sons left home a long time ago, but they still like Mom's home cooking. I think maybe it means LOVE to them. Good Luck to Jason. I hope he likes the area of TX where he's settling. Lots of Texans visit CO - tell him to come on up!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I know how hard it is to let them go far away. My daughter moved the day after she graduated from college. We moved her home one day and out again the next. I thought I'd go crazy...she was 1000 miles away, all alone and 23. But, thanks to phones and texting, I probably talk to her more than if she had moved an hour away. She only gets home once a year...that part is hard for all of us. We go to her, but she misses our home and the dog and the little grandbabies. I guess we raise them to fly...hang in there, it will be okay.

Maria said...

Oh you are all such wonderful friends. Thank you for the hugs, encouraging words...and especially the prayers ♥

Vintage Home said...

Oh My, as excited I am about your sons new adventure & job I am feeling for you as you send him off!
What a sweet momma to cook him his fav's before he goes, he will be longing for them soon!
Gods Grace & protection over him.

p.s. thanks for the congratulations of my Saky Sack win!

Anita said...

Oh that must be so hard! How wonderful for him to get that pie!! My mom makes the pies here, I"m not much good at it. Thanks for stopping by! I only wish my cabinets were cherry. These are oak but not with a lot of grain like usual. My last house they were cherry with the black appliances and a dark granite countertop. I miss that kitchen:-)

Julie Harward said...

The right way to send someone off..with mama's home cooking and the love of family all wrapped around them..God bless.

Rebecca said...

I'll think of you, your entire family, and your son during the next few days. I can remember the heart pangs that go with these "new beginnings". God is faithful and WILL be with him--and YOU!

Those pictures of your pie are inspiring! We don't need it here, but just maybe I can come up with an occasion to bake one!

dcrelief said...

Oh, Maria, you're going to miss him, but what a wonderful 'send' off'. Loved the read.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh, so bitter-sweet. Two of my three boys have moved out of our home. I am so happy for their independence, but Where did all of those years go? I will be thinking of you...
P.S. My mouth is watering thinking of your meal and yummy pie!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your kind comment Maria. ;D Well, I did love the almond white but I would never have it with a family around, every touch is a mark and even with a husband, I was always wiping. I love my dark ones, never do you see marks for dirt and it's just so rich! Good luck with whatever you decide..go with your heart! :D

Linda said...

Those good-byes never get any easier Maria. Enjoy these days you have together. I'm looking forward to the possibility of your visiting Texas some day!

Diana said...

What a wonderful celebration. Congratulations to your son on his new job. I know this has to be a happy yet difficult time for you Maria. Love Di ♥

EcoRover said...

At first I thought your dough & flour was some sort of Zen sand garden! Instead it was the Way of Pie -- way better. All good wishes to Jason. Looks like you'll have a new place to visit?

Gloria said...

That pie looks amazing!! YUM!!! What a sweet mom you are to your dear son. Many prayers for him as he travels to make a way for himself. IT is so hard having our adult children move away. Prayers for you too, dear Maria. May God give your family comfort and strength.

Have a wonderful week!!

xoxo Gloria

buyaionaccounts said...

What a wonderful spread that was, I'm pretty sure he's well loved, he's a lucky to have a mother like you. I do hope it would turn out well in his new environment.

francis said...

Maria , I already was thinking about you and the upcoming leave of your son .
I think you will handle everything very well !
Spring will comfort you soon I hope . Sending you lots of love .

Roo said...

oh yum! yum! YUM! i must make some...xoxoxo

Indie.Tea said...

What a wonderful meal - all American comfort foods. All delicious, I'm sure. Your son is lucky to have a mother who cares so much and shows it.