Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sky-Watching Irene's exit

Time to say good-bye to Irene.

Chris and I lost power for 36 hours, but
we feel so fortunate compared to some of our local families and businesses.
Some of our favorite farms sustained serious damage.
Shaul's and Barber's Farms
We love our local farms and wish them well.

We hope and pray that the families displace by severe water damage
also find a way to move forward.

The morning of the storm we dashed about in between
gusts of wind and torrents of rain and gathered apples that fell from our trees.
Apple pancakes were now on the menu.
{Thank you, Saskia, for putting that idea in my mind :o)
Our power went out a few hours after we enjoyed this hearty meal.

As of today, all the water surrounding our home has drained away.

 Our little espalier tree is now standing upright.
{Thank you, Chris}

It looks like it will make
~ a nice recovery ~
That is our wish for all that endured the storms of summer 2011.
{photos taken today in Schoharie County}
 May He make all things new again.

This week and next week children, faculty and staff will go back to school.
 Getting my pencils sharpened ~ hoping my mind is too ;o)

Dear friends and family,
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

God bless all who share His Love in everything they do!
~ ~ ~

A little note in Memory of Klaus Peter, 1960-2011
 {From the Sky Watch Team}
Klaus was an active participant, supporter, and eventually owner/maintainer of Skywatch and the founder of That's My World. He loved nature, photography, and sharing his knowledge and beautiful images with us all. We can't begin to say how much we will miss him.
Thank you, Klaus, Sky Watching has been a great JOY to me!


Barb said...

Dear Maria, You remind me that even in hard times, perhaps we can experience a bit of happiness - those pancakes look yummy! Have a satisfying and productive school year, Maria - I know those lucky children are excited to meet you.

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful skies and a lovely post for the day! I'm sure we all think of Klaus on SWF and are grateful for all he did to help us share our skies, our world with others. Thank you for participating, Maria! I'm so glad you were spared any serious damage from Irene! Happy SWF!


Rebecca said...

Glad to hear of your safety and return to normalcy - just in time for the beginning of school...

I'm glad you posted the pancakes! I was just trying to think of something for our dinner. Simple apple pancakes with maple syrup sounds perfect.

It's me said...

Glad everything is okee with you!!..lovely are such a kind person......blessings and love from

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It certainly was a storm worth watching, even from this distance. I couldn't stop even when my daughter was out of New York! Now, I'm watching Katia and hoping that it doesn't hit the states. That was a long time without power...I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you, but so many others may never have normal again with all the flooding.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So sorry and glad you are all okay...prayers for all who suffered loss
Apple pancakes look great

koralee said...

Oh dear happy you are safe and sound...I did not realize you were hit so hard!

My pencils are being sharpened too....and I am exhausted from 4 days of work...and that is without students.

Sending you hugs for a lovely weekend....xoxo

Linda said...

I'm thankful you are all right Maria. Some of the pictures we've seen are so heartbreaking. There was so much flooding.
Praying for those who lost so much.
Praying for you as you begin a new school year too! Blessings dear Maria.

dcrelief said...

Bill Bailey said ~ "When a problem bothers you, try blessing it."
Bless your community of friends and family, :) Dixie

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

The first photo from the blue sky is amazing - like a feather.

Greetings from Synnöve

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I HAVE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!! AND I have been so away from my computer that I missed this post dearest one! I am just glad to know you are OK.


Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Maria, I am so glad you are ok after the storm. My heart is with those who lost so much. Those pancakes look delicious. Have never made apple pancakes but now I will.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That sky picture is so peaceful, not any sign of Irene.
Nature is so strong, it is a kind of scary sometimes.
Pancakes and candlelights sounds good together!
Enjoy the weekend Maria. And have a happy h a p p y start to the new school year next week! The first day must be a very special on year after year again.
lots of love xxxx