Thursday, February 23, 2012

family love from east to west

It was a year ago today that my son, Jason,
went to his interview in Austin, Texas.
He loves his job and loves living in a great city with amazing weather.
Knowing how I love "looking up,"
Jason sent me some beautiful photos taken on his commute to and from work.
We are so proud of him... but oh how we miss him.
Chris and I were able to visit Amanda during the first part of my February break.
We enjoyed some of our favorite things!
Of course
talking talking talking!
I'm not a big shopper, {and neither is Chris} but I wanted to stop at the Vera Bradley Outlet nearby.
Unbeknownst to us, there was 40% off sale going on... that is off of their outlet price!
... so we were very, very tempted...
Like crazy ladies, we waited an hour and a half
just to get inside the store.

Chris was thrilled :o) NOT!
He was a real honey bunch and got us coffees at Starbucks and
we talked even more
{I'm glad Starbucks found a nice mild blend...have you tried their "Blonde" coffees?}

I was able to take home the purse I wanted for such a great price!
 {It retails for $69, is on sale for $49 online and at the outlet it's $34 and with 40% off ... I paid only $20}
 We took home a few gifts too!

We also just love the Walkway Over the Hudson.
Amanda's dogs, Chino and Mr. Darcy love it too!

A stop at Adams Fairacre Farms is a must as well.
 I picked up amazing produce at amazing prices
and these sweet red tulips to bring a little springtime to my father's house.

On Monday, it was off to my father's in central New York.
We had a great visit and some heavy work to do.
Remember the days when people installed wall-to-wall carpeting over hardwood floors?
Look what was under my father's carpeting!
His home looks like new ~ even the air smells fresher!
{Chris always asks if he can help!}
We moved around a lot of furniture and emptied the china closet and buffet.
I found some sweet treasures that were most likely last handled when Dad moved over 30 yrs. ago.
When I picked up my mother's pie holder, I held it for a long time thinking that
it was last used when she was alive.
These sweet treasures had been stored away too long...
Dad was so happy to see some of these things,
Right now, the pretty red crystal candy dish has a little bluebird in it,
but some of his favorite candies will be in it soon!
The dessert tiered set and pie holder came home with me
He's happy that these things came out of their hiding place!

How has this week been going for you?
Are you enjoying amazing weather like Jason?
are you having deep winter weather?

Here, in the northeast... we are supposed to have a little snow tonight.
2 - 4 inches...then rain.
Still... a very easy winter... and I like it!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends
and always look up as do the others at Sky Watch Friday!


Pretty Life Online said...

nice for SWF, magnificent sight!! Happy weekend! Hoping you can visit my skywatch post.

Diana said...

What an awesome trip Maria, I love the pretty purse. It was 70 today here in Southern Illinois!
Spring flowers are coming up already.
We did the same thing at our house. Ripped up the old carpet and found beautiful wood floors, I love it.
I'm so glad you had a good visit with family. It lifts the soul!
Love Di ♥

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a good place where your son is, neat pictures. Love the purse and how great about those wood floors! Love that you got some of your mom's things, I sure treasure what I have from my mom. What a fun trip! ;D

Barb said...

I have several Vera Bradley purses/wallets. Their insides have good organization options - I like them for travel. You really got a bargain. (Chris is a Saint.) Your Dad's floor looks great. How wonderful that you discovered your Mom's hidden treasures. I know you'll cherish them, Maria. (I'm in the city, and we had a wet snow overnight.)

Linda said...

It looks like a wonderful trip Maria. I love Vera Bradley too. My sweet husband has given me a couple of them as gifts.
I'm happy to hear your son is doing well. We have been having some absolutely stunning sunsets lately. He did a great job with that picture.
Sending you love Maria.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening my precious and sweet friend.

It is so wonderful to see this comment from you; I had been thinking of YOU today as I was driving home, coming to enjoy my private space, but a bit fatigued from yet another day of not believing I am any longer in the right place.

Your comment to me however, about TEACHING all day and then TEACHING my audience through my posts really touched me. Thank you is not ENOUGH to you or all the other sweet souls that I have had the great pleasure to know as we all wade through our lives to find words to express what is on our hearts, in our dreams and on our horizons. THANK YOU for lifting me up while I am feeling down, not feeling like a real educator. But tomorrow is another day, and I shall look to see what is perfect about EACH DAY......many thanks and hugs to you, and that PURSE IS FABULOUS!!!!!!! Anita

It's me said...

Nice to meet your familly looks like you have enjoy your trip...what a beautiful bag !!! from

francis said...

Maria last week I was thinking of you wondering how you were doing with Jason so far away .
I know it is not the same but I do miss my youngest Thomas so much . He lives in the same town/city on his own now in a student home .
He ha s a busy life and I hardly get to see him. This week all of a sudden he was here and boy he can HUG ! I love those big hugs .....
He is doing well and I know it's right . Mothers have to let go ....
It helps when you know they are doing well .
I do know now that my oldest is much more visiting since little Eva arrived so ...keep your hopes on !
Elisabeth is having a better week now ahead . Last week was the week after the chemo and she is so sick than. Very very hard to whitness ... She had three and still three to go .
She is suffering the most from her broken heart .
She says she can deal with the lost of her brest , and being so sick of the chemo and loosing her hair .....but the broken heart is too hard ....
My heart almost breaks too seeing her like this ......
As a mother I can only say
It will be allright ..... Because I KNOW it will be .
Being a mother has a lot more in store than I imagened .
I was always only into the very romantic movies ...where they live happily ever after .....
Now I am in a very bad movie ...but I still go for the happily ever after !
Have a happy weekend Maria
Oh and how lucky you are with your new bag !
and I love the beautiful floor at your fathers ..... You never know what's been hiding ......

Kim, USA said...

What a beautiful city shot! Awesome blue sky haven't seen that for a while ^_^


Dianne said...

Love the purse you bought!

Oh my, those hardwoods are amazing--and the treasures you found, how precious!

We have had a really mild winter and now the first color is starting to appear--hard to believe--the seasons of life just seem to go by faster and faster!

Beautiful post dear friend--in every way!

Joyful said...

You have a beautiful sunset photo from your son. How awesome!

Love your new handbag too and you got it for a great price. Your DH is a honey to get you coffee while you waited in line.

Your father's floors are in wonderful shape and it warmed my heart to hear how happy he was to see some of the things your mother used to use in her homemaking activities :-)

p.s. I thank you for leaving a comment at my blog photos. You have a great eye for spotting the eagle. I'm just wondering if you were asked for a word verification when you left your comment. I believe I turned it off but am still looking for a way to approve comments. I don't seem to have that option in my settings.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful shots.

Regards and best wishes

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Dearest has been far too long since I have stopped by. Your pictures are lovely, as usual!

In Christ alone,

Ann said...

Hi Maria,

Two years ago, you posted a comment on my post Plunket Society. At that time, I didn't know how to return a comment to you, so I returned it on my post.

Today, I did another on Plunket appeal, and linked back to my old post. Here's a belated comment of thanks.

I have a very good friend ho lives in Texas.

Pearl Maple said...

How cool to find a sale like that. A busy post with lots of goings on at your place, enjoy the finds and special treasures

Martina said...

A lovely trip Maria, and the blue skies in these pix are amazing! Awww, how i will miss my sons when they will be gone ... Happy weekend!

francis said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy week and beautiful sky-watching ! all the best X

koralee said...

What a lovely week! What joy it must of been to see your mother's sweet treasures. Oh such sweet memories they hold. You are such a dear daughter and mom...what a blessing you are!
May this week be filled with joy for you and the sun shine brightly my dear friend. I am setting my eyes towards Spring Break..and then April 13th which is the due date of something very very important..then I can breathe once again...looking forward to having my old life back! xoxoxooxox

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Why is it that I'm always smiling when I read your posts? I feel as if you are chatting with me from the next chair, not from states away.

Isn't it awful having our kids so far away. My daughter just got a wonderful Disney opportunity and she won't be able to take any vacation time through the end of the year. That means her once a year visit is cancelled. I'm so grateful for cell phones and for the fact that we will go to her this summer and at Christmas! They have to take the opportunities when they come!

I'm so glad some of your mother's things came out of hiding and home with you:) Such treasures!

Gloria said...

Dear Maria,

Your pretty bag goes perfect with the sunset and tulips. What a great deal you got if for...:)

I love that sweet bird! That candy dish is very lovely too. I bought my mom one just like it, but the glass is an amber color.

I am glad you enjoyed your visit...with a bit of talking & pulling out family treasures! Isn't life grand!

Happy Tuesday to you!

EcoRover said...

Austin is a GREAT city. Hope your son enjoys the lively music scene there.