Monday, July 30, 2012

Surprised by Joy!

I'm still, very slowly reading Ann Voskamp's book "0ne Thousand Gifts."
Her chapter, "Go Lower," is so beautifully written.

"Surprised by joy!"

C.S. Lewis, she writes, was 'surprised by joy.'

She writes of the sheer joy and delight of a small child
~ through the example of her youngest child ~
You can search the world over, Ann writes, and find joy LIKE THAT only in a child.
"The secret to a child's language of laughter, their domain of delight, is perspective. "

"The heights of our joy are measured by the depths of our gratitude."

May we find the greatest joys in the small and simple things ~ discovering that gratitude precedes the miracles!

Wishing you many beautiful days ahead ~ sprinkled with ...
Showers of grace and blessings for you dear friends and family,
~ Maria

Quotes from "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp
Photo of my oldest ~ Amanda, when she was very small 


It's me said...

I have that book too!!,...but it is hard for me to read English.....i try and do my best, love love

Wanda said...

Maria ~ I love this book so much. And I'm about 765 in my list at this time working for 1000. This one about children. I saw that yesterday with my great grandsons, check out my blog and you will see how much fun "mud" is for a child.

Dixie said...

Maria, this was so touching. I love the little ones. Such wonderful imaginations and a thousand questions!!! Pure joy.

Linda said...

I love Ann's book too Maria, but you have a beautiful way of expressing things too. Your words here are like a sweet gentle breeze.
Thank you again for those sites. What a great help!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AGREE 1000%!

How far we raise our hands in praise DOES depend on how far down we have been, have sought and have reached for the foundation of our faith. BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT FOR THE DAY MY SWEET! Anita

Pothys said...

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koralee said...

"The heights of our joy are measured by the depths of our gratitude."

How delightfully true is this my friend. I sooooo love this.

Thank you for this...and enjoy your time in Texas dear that is JOY being able to be with your handsome son. xoxo

Tracey Fisher said...

Hi Maria - thanks for stopping by my blog. I created the paper with paper clip by using - it is an online editing tool. There are so many tools to use on that site - and very easy to use. I'm not sure if they have a tutorial but you can probably go on youtube or google picmonkey and find all sorts of lessons. Hope that helps! And I agree - it's always the simple things :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am glad to hear that you are still in Blogland; so many friends ARE so busy these days, including myself! I have another house guest coming on Wednesday and I too will be away again from the computer. But there is much joy to be made with blog friends and family and friends HERE in town. What a glorious summer for you, to see your son! THANK you for your visit and comments and on Pinterest too! LOVE TO YOU my dear friend and colleague in teaching others to create and explore their minds! Anita

francis said...

My sweet friend Maria
How are you ?
Thank you for your comment .
Can you believe in all that's happening with my sister I am doing well.
of course sad but she is still here and we share a lot thee days .
She moved to a beautiful Hospitium
and will be staying there for the rest of her weeks .
When a baby is born there is a lot of joy and celebration and yet we know nothing of the life to come .
When we know a loved-one has only a short time to live we are sad .... but we are also talking about all the dear memories we shared in life and realising how special this person has been as a person and also to each and every-one of her family and friends .
That should be celebrated too !
I have had very special conversations with my other sister and my brother about all that is happening .
Lots of blessing .
Thank you for your beautiful and kind words
The book of Ann Voskamp is next to bed too.
I ordered it a while ago and love to read ......
Happy summer Maria !

koralee said...

Good morning dear friend...just popped over to wish you a wonderful day...our day is a little misty with light rain...but just what we need to refresh us all.
Are you thinking of back to school yet...the thought has been running through my mind. Once the school supplies hit the know it's coming soon. xoxoxo HUGS to you my friend...enjoy your week.