Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stealing a moment or two

I stole a few moments for myself.
 September was such a busy month at school.
I just had to come up for air

...and take myself...
somewhere where I can easily lose myself 

... wandering through the past...
at Something Olde ~ Something New
{my favorite consignment shop}

...where I found this sweet gem of a teacup
and the little birdie that looks so cozy inside

and this adorable Warren Kimble hen and chicks lamp
that is now on my kitchen table.

 The sweet cross stitch tablecloth was a must.
as was the milk glass hen and chicks covered dish.
..I didn't stop there...

I also found a J Jill cashmere sweater set for a steal.
... I think I need the soft and cozy hugs of this sweater set 
along with all my prayers
to keep me sane at school :o)
{I love my students - they keep it real... it's all the state and national pressures making it unreal!}

 Oh... and for just a few dollars, I picked up fresh new Liz Claiborne reading glasses for my purse.
Can you believe how many things are typed in size 9 font these days!?!
~     ~    ~
 I love visiting this consignment shop filled with vintage treasures.
It makes me feel like I'm touching the past I'm back in the days of my mother and grandmother...
a wonderful
and comforting
Wishing you all wonderful and comforting October days.
Blessings and Overflowing Grace
to you

~ Maria


It's me said...

Hello Maria !!! how are you???....have a nice october darling....with filled with love joy and

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet Maria,

I hope you got my response on your last post; I hopped on over here as soon as I saw that you visited me, for it is a joy to see you again.

GREAT FINDS and that sweater will come in handy, if your classroom is anything like ours were....FREEZING COLD!

I think I will take time out today for myself as well. Lots to think about these days! MUCH LOVE, Anita

Deb said...

You had a very successful visit there. Love the tablecloth. Deb

Dixie said...

The Lord has blessed me, showing me a couple of shops. A need is a need; praise Him. He supplies my needs. And yours.
School pressure: This too shall pass.

Wanda said...

I so think God wants us to stop, and take time for outselves. It's not selfish, but puts life into perspective, and we love the Father even more because of it. Each time you look at those treasures, it will bless His heart and yours.

Love you dear friend.

Rebecca said...

Sweet finds. Hope they balance out some of the stress you are feeling. I'm sorry to hear of the regulations, etc. I've been out of teaching for so long....I'm a little curious about what you have to deal with.

I especially like the sweater. It's very chic.

I hope you won't feel like you have to "steal" time for yourself in the future but will embrace it wholly and w/o apology or guilt :)

Barb said...

I have an antique cross stitch tablecloth (for a small round table) that looks just like yours. You DO deserve a soft snuggly sweater to ward off any prickly bureaucratic requirements. Enjoy the students, Maria - they will be your legacy, not the paperwork.

Wanda..... said...

Lovely finds from the consignment shop, Maria. I have a cross stitch cloth made by my great grandfather, who was an English teacher.

Thank you for dropping by, Maria. Speaking of a stolen few moments, seems all of summer was that for me...haven't posted for awhile, but all is well.

koralee said...

Adore your sweet treasures my friend....but most of all you are a treasure to those students of yours!
Happy October to you dear is our Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend ALREADY! Our family will be off to my parents home for the long weekend.
Thurs and Friday is teacher convention... so it is a busy week ahead..but I will focus on Our Lord as His Face shines upon us giving us peace. I have everything I need and more...Gratitude fills my heart! xoxo HUGS

Linda said...

What a lovely way to get away from it all Maria! I love everything you bought. It must be a great shop.

Diana said...

One of my favorite things to do! Great finds Maria.
Love Di ♥

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koralee said...

Thinking of you and hoping your week is going to the Teachers Convention tomorrow. xoxox

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I always say that I only liked my children and a few select others...I so admire those of you that teach and spend your days with lots of kids! I'm so glad you took a bit of time to kick back and do something you enjoy. You certainly deserve that!

francis said...

Thank you Maria for the wonderful and comforting october wishes .
I love your way of dealing with all the hard work . School can be so busy
You had a wonderful visit to this magical place .
All those things were there waiting for you to be found and treasured !
Thank you for always being such an inspiration in

koralee said...

Sending you oooodles of love and strength dear one...praying for your dear dad! xoxoxooxxo

koralee said...

Evening sweet friend...sipping my pumpkin chai tea and thinking of you and your sweet dad...hope all is well. xoxoxo