Thursday, September 6, 2012

summer makeovers

I love looking back at little projects that
still put a smile on my face.

This little dresser was $15.
It had chipping and peeling icky brown paint.
"Please bring me home, Maria"
 (Okay :o)

I was so happy when I brought it in the house all clean, creamy white and with 
its vintage brass knobs polished and pretty.
Barkeeper's friend brought the shine back like a dream!

 This worn little side table was only $10
but because it was so sturdy, I took it home and rescued it from a rainy garage sale day.

It just needed a little elbow grease
polish and stain.

 I smiled when this was finished.
$10... not bad!

I forgot to take a photo of the very, very old cottage dresser that I bought for my sewing room...
but I gathered the drawers for a "group shot" that would give you the idea of how it looked before.
For me this is another icky color.
It reminded me of that old "avocado green" color of the 70's.

I love using Stix Primer.
It really does stick to any surface.  The dresser got a little rough sanding first...
nothing too serious... and then two coats of Stix Primer.

 The gallon of creamy white Behr Paint in "heavy cream" refinished so many pieces this spring and summer... and there was still plenty to use for this dresser too.

It's great looking back to see some work finally done... some sweet little rewards of summer...
My spools of thread are all organized in the top drawers and folded fabrics in the bottom drawers.
Many of my patterns are in the drawers of the little dresser.
My feet are up tonight.
Back to school week is always so exciting.

I hope you had a great week too!
Blessings always, dear friends and family  

 {Happy to be participating in Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday}
 Furniture Feature Fridays


It's me said...

O wowwww what you have done !! from me...happy

rebecca said...

You might KNOW that I'd love all THREE of these! There IS a time to paint and a time to refrain from painting :) In my opinion, your timing was just right!

Anita said...

Wow Maria, great transformations!!! I love all of them!! You have been busy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Maria,

I have missed you! But look what YOU have had up your rolled sleeves.....PROJECTS TO PAINT! Me too. I look back on everything we did this summer and it was splendid. I painted my studio, we had a 20 foot covered deck added to the house and I entertained two separate guests, one week a piece. I made art and it was lovely.

Sending you greetings and wishes for a DYNAMITE SCHOOL YEAR! Anita

Diana said...

Oooo... you've been so creative Maria! They came out beautifully. I know other Bloggers that have refurbished furniture. It intimidates me for some reason! But I love seeing what others do. Great job!
Love Di ♥

Linda said...

What a clever lady you are Maria! You have a gift for seeing the potential in things (and children too I would imagine). I love them all.
Praying your school year is a good one. Have a restful weekend.

Dixie said...

The next shopping trip will include a purchase of Stix Primer!!
Beautiful work, Maria.

koralee said...

Your projects are lovely my friend! No painting for me this summer! I wish I would off but had too much other stuff on my plate ...hope your first week back was amazing....and have fun making the yummy pesto...we are still eating ours...yum. xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Maria!

Let me just get to the point here as I know you are rushing off to school. Your comment was WONDERFUL and was a stunning example of how each one of us can take a recycled idea and turn it into a head-turner. A pear instead of the typical isn't that brilliant? I loved helping my students think out of the ordinary. And when they tried it, it woke them up and they loved coming to school because they knew that they were not only learning skills, taking tests (ahhh!) but they were coming to a place where they could exercise their creativity in arts, languages and sciences as well as math.

Stunning example my dear and bravo to Jason. Bravo to YOU for trying it and being the teacher with THE PEAR instead of the apple!

LOVE! Anita

Wanda said...

What a visual of what I looked like in my messed up sin. Then Jeus took me home and forgave my sin, took my messy life, and made it brand new..white with gold knobs..Oh God like This...

You dresses have a story to tell.

Love you Maria.

Lily Bets said...

A very great and lovely projects!I love to give a new life to something old,you do it !Have a nice day!

Barb said...

Hello Maria, When you wrote this post my new Grandson, Samuel William, was being born. Tomorrow, he'll be 2 weeks old. My D-I-L has some unique and lovely furniture that she's painted. Her dining room table is a white and black checkerboard pattern and each chair is painted a separate color. I love that creamy white you used - so clean looking. Also, I may be getting some of that polish for my tarnished brass! It sounds like you'll have a very busy school year Maria. Take time to put your feet up occasionally and drink some tea. I'll be thinking of you. PS Pics of Sam on post previous to the one you read.

Rebecca said...

Maria...I love all the furniture pieces you've shown. What fun and what inspiration you are to all of us. I love giving new life to tired and worn out finds. It makes me feel like I care about our world, our planet. Recycle. Redo. Rework. Reborn! LOVE IT!

Love, Rebecca

Terra said...

Maria, I admire all of your projects and how you rescue and improve nice wood pieces of furniture.

francis said...

Reading your comment on my blog made me smile all over .
Thank you so much for being here .
I could almost see you , sitting there enjoying the silence after a day filled with "work".
I remember enjoying that too
Sitting in my chair , having one last coffee and say goodbeye to the day .
I loved those moments when the late-afternoon-sun would bring some unexpected sparkles and sweetens all .....
Oh Maria I absolutely LOVE your projects . You did a GREAT job .
You inspired me .
I will go and look for some piece of furniture that call's me to take it home and give it a Make-over .
I have to find new things to do and who knows this can be One !
Every morning when I wake up I miss going to my class but from this day I will send you a new-day-at-school-GROET .
Love and all the best dear friend
Happy weekend

koralee said...

Happy weekend dear one...hope you are up to something special and Fallish! xoxoxoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh sweet Maria,

How wonderful it is to see your comment tonight. TEN HOUR DAYS MY DEAR? OH how I know that scenario, and it is very possible that I will know it again, next year. I made the decision that I learned a very important lesson, one that I NEW in my head, but had to experience in my heart: You cannot make a living out of art.

I will continue those creative endeavors as a hobby, but the stress of trying to make a living is not for me and I must learn to deal with the stress of teaching in a difficult environment.

I love how you described your experience at the vintage shop; I think you touched upon the whole reason why I so enjoy antique stores and vintage is to revisit my childhood.

Thank you for visiting during this busy time. I wish you peace and healing as you enter into Sunday. Praise our God!!! Anita

Pearl Maple said...

Well done on your creative make overs, they look great with a fresh new look