Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers, Faith, Fire. *more Father's Day

Did this much time go by?
We must have been having fun!Shoulders strong, made for this job!
Now we use this wagon for our ole girl, Muffin.

~Gathered tinder, stacks of wood
A father's faith
Lights the fire
Well tended
Well stoked
His children gather close
Receive the warmth
The Father's Faith in Them

~In Humble Gratitude for all the men in the family do~


Euroangel said...

belated happy fathers day...lovely photos of your kids~..take care and have a blessed day!

Euroangel said...

following you now..feel free to follow any of my blogs...thanks..

EcoRover said...

Very sweet. I had to settle for a call from my grown girl, so happy to be making a visit later this week.