Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pistachio Pudding Extra

Just three little ingredients.
  1. Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt. Plain no extra sugar
  2. Pistachio pudding mix (I use sugar free with chemicals to balance the organic yogurt ;0)
  3. Garnish (slivered almonds & mint. if you like)Mix yogurt and pudding mix. mmmm try not to lick the spoon. ... you will ;)Spoon into a Margarita glass, sprinkle almonds ... add sprig of mint ...


Angela said...

Just stumbled across your lovely blog. I wish I could find pistachio pud here in the UK. What a lovely shade of green!
blessings x

Annie said...

Glad you enjoyed my skywatch post from I am back home in Australia...after a long flight...and awake in the night!