Friday, September 11, 2009

How I Remember 9 - 11

I will never forget that morning.
I dismissed my sixth graders from class and passed the English teacher in the hall. She leaned in and whispered that a plane had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.
She had just left the nurse's office.
Our school nurse had an old television from home in her office. Those of us with a planning period found ourselves watching, standing stiffly with our hands over our mouths...barely able to speak. We watched in disbelief as the first tower came down a few minutes after 10am.
We were late to fourth period.
How would we reenter our classrooms, stand in front of these young innocents and teach like there was peace on Earth? It was decided by the administration not to tell the children. It was best for them to learn the tragic news through their parents. With heavy hearts, we finished our school day and entered into what seemed like endless news, tears, worry of more to come.
I have such gratitude for all of the men and women that brought themselves to the heart and heat of the tragedy to help...grateful to those that enlisted to protect our nation.
I remember being both proud and scared that my oldest daughter, Amanda, was an EMT. She was crew chief with two volunteer rescue squads that were always receiving new information and training in the event of further terrorism.
Early this morning, September 11, 2009 ~ my other daughter, Rachael, boarded a 737 for Seattle. Although she approached this day of work related travel with apprehension... she flew safely.
She told me that before they reached the Rockies, the rainy skies cleared and the beauty was spectacular.
Those towering mountains remind me of our strength and perseverance...which can never crumble.

Here's an incredible slideshow with the music of Enya's Only Time
I've watched it every year since 2001.

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eileeninmd said...

Thanks for sharing your story and memories. 09/11/01 will be a day I know I will never forget.

Linda said...

What a heartbreaking, powerful video Maria. Such tragedy.
We were flying to Pa. that day. Our layover was in Chicago. We arrived shortly after both planes hit the towers. We spent three days in the airport trying to find a way to get to my family in Pa. It was such a terrible time.
I hope, that as people remember that day, it will turn our hearts to Him.

~Chris said...

I remember teaching middle school youth group shortly after 9/11. The older kids asked to talk about the disaster. A tender sixth grader burst into tears. The impact is for ever... but so is Gods grace.

Diana said...

Touching post Maria. We are here and we are strong. Thanks to the Lord we will persevere.
God bless the U.S.
Love Di

B SQUARED said...

Very touching tribute. Nicely done. We shall never forget!

Regina said...

May peace reign.
Very moving memorial.

Barb said...

Maria, Our friend, Chad, was featured in the video - the first frame of Flight 93, he is the blond/red headed guy with the big smile under the photo of one of the pilots. He took a year after college and helped our sons build our house here in Breckenridge. I can still see him smiling down from the scaffolding. We kidded that with 2 engineers and a business major doing the building, the house should stand forever! Unfortunately, it was Chad who didn't last.

RachaeL said...

aw mom! Thanks for thinking of me on that day. Love you!

Maria said...

Thank you everyone who prayed and reflected on 9/11. I believe that prayer can change the world.

Barb, I will look for Chad's photo and pray for his family... What loss...
One of my first students, Stephen Mulderry was in the South Tower, 88th floor. He was only 33.
My heart breaks to think of the loss for so many...
Comfort and Peace to all who still grieve.

Rachael, have a safe flight home ... We love you

Victoria said...

Maria, hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Any friend of Cyn is obviously great, too :)

Thank you for this post. I was surprised more people don't continue to reflect on the events, even after this time. I don't understand the ramifications fully, who does? I can't imagine having had to deliver the message to young students.