Saturday, September 19, 2009

Too Cute for Apple Pie

There's personality in these 'faces,' don't you think?

I couldn't put these in the pie!

Find the Fun in Your Weekend!

Photos in collage: apples from our backyard trees
:apple pie made for my father's 85th birthday ~ celebrating it today!


Rebecca said... the Apples my friend. Love the PIE even more. Thanks for sharing...makes me wanna go bake up a storm.

Blessings to you~Rebecca

Linda said...

Yes - it would be too sad to put those funny faces into a pie (which looks delicious by the way!)
Have a restful, blessed weekend Maria.

Anneliese said...

That one apple actually looks like it has a funny grin. The pie looks good! I sent my daughter the heart in the cloud picture and she loved it! Thank You.

Wanda said...

I use to carve a face in a peeled apple and then hang it to would greatly reduce in size and make an old character head!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

What fun apples! And the pie looks yummy!!


Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I can certainly understand why you didn't want to use the apples, they were cute! The pie looked good! Love Di

Roo said...

hahaha!! MOST DEFINITELY my friend! xo but you are the cutest one of all!

EcoRover said...

Love those gnarley, unsprayed (non-poisoned!) apples. Picked local from a wild tree?

Maria said...

And knowing they're clean & free makes them taste all the better ;o)
Thanks for visiting everyone!