Thursday, December 3, 2009

I See Sky Math !

I see < 7 
Less than Seven
This was taken on my way home from work
a couple of weeks ago...
I immediately pulled into the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot to snap the picture with my cell phone.
Then celebrated with a nice hot latte ;o)

 Sunday night, we got a phone call to go outside and look at the ice ring around the moon!
What a gorgeous halo!
My camera could only photograph half of it since it was HUGE!
An ice ring around the moon

And a Good Sky Watching Weekend to you all !
Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 


Jack and Joann said...

Cool--ice ring around the moon. Who knew!

Photo Cache said...

You had me at Dunkin Donuts. I have been craving for the bavarian creme for the longest time.

Enjoy the weekend.

Oh yeah, the sky is great, but I got distracted by the mention of DD.

LV said...

Both of your sky scenes are very nicely done. I find it hard for me to get really good shots at night. However, I do not have the best of camera for that.

Julie said...

It is very tempting to make shapes and sense out of clouds. I just like the way the wind skuds them across the sky constantly making and unmaking any images our mind's eye might draw.

Louise said...

That "less than seven" is so cool!

Diana said...

I love your sky watch photos Maria. The ice ring was really neat. Yes I still use the word neat!
Love Di

Sylvia K said...

Love both your shots, Maria! And the ice ring around the moon is gorgeous! Clever the "less 7" love it!

Enjoy your weekend!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love it when there is a ring around the pretty.


Barb said...

Hi Maria, The sky always seems to be "saying" something to you - now what would "less than seven" mean? Your ring around the moon looks chilly. Did it get cold? It was minus 18 in Breck today!

Amanda said...

mom!!! I love the moon picture!!! Really neat!!! did you know we have a blue moon this month? On the 31st because it is the 2nd full moon of the month it happens every couple of years =) happy skywatch

Wanda said...

Many here in our area reported seeing the ice ring Maria, but I didn't, so thanks for the photo!

Manang Kim said...

Wow nice shot you've got here lucky you, you capture the ice ring. Thanks for sharing!

My SkyWatchFriday-Sunset

Cathy said...

Oh wow Maria! That is so cool. I've never heard of an ice ring around the moon. Now I'll have to start watching for one.

Linda said...

You take the most amazing pictures Maria. When the sky is filled with cumulus clouds I get lost in all the different things I see. You have a great eye for the beautiful.
I think the tablescape pictures are lovely. She did a wonderful job.

Maria, thank you so much for your comments. You are always so caring and encouraging. You have such a sweet spirit.

koralee said...

That is so cool...that ice ring. Thank you for sharing and yes I am always seeing things in the clouds as well ..I love this less than 7 image today. Happy Friday to you my friend.

Pearl Maple said...

That is a fun cloud formation how lucky for you to spot this one. Thanks for sharing with us.

Your seasonal blog banner is a cutie.