Monday, December 7, 2009

Remembering Mom

 Thirty-one years ago today
December 7, 1978
My mother passed on
to a new life with her Creator.
How we miss her.

I've been reading the Psalms
One each day before I leave work.
it was Psalm 23.
I know that Mom
'dwells in the house of the Lord forever.'

cheerleader, bride, then mother

She gave us family and love

~ We miss you Mom ~ 

 Dear Dad,
When we hear
"And the two shall become one,"
I believe that this is true for you and Mom.
You have opened your heart to do more than one person ever could alone.
Thank you for doing all the grandfather and grandmother things for your grandchildren.
Mom would be so impressed with your extra-special-double chocolate cake!
*  *  *
"Mother dear, sometimes in dreams
I wander in an endless night,
When, lo, a loving hand takes mine
And leads me to the morning light."
~ Robert Brault ~
Thank You

Song:  "Heirloom" by Amy Grant


Marg said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother and to your father...Wow!
Today I baked with my only sister and we talked and laughed about the different things our mother did for us. What a memorable day for both of us when we can reflect on those special people in our lives.

Doreen said...

This is really beautiful! What a great tribute to Mom and Dad today of all days. Thanks for taking the time to do all of this. You've really captured her spirit in putting all these photos into this collage. I love what you did! It's an awesome landing place in cyberspace!
Thanks again,
Your sister

Garnetrose said...

This is so wonderful. She must have been a very special lady. You were lucky to have been loved by her.

Robert Brault said...


A lovely remembrance. It is sad that you lost your mom so early. It is clear, though, that she remains with you in so many ways.

"Mother dear, sometimes in dreams
I wander in an endless night,
When, lo, a loving hand takes mine
And leads me to the morning light."


Wanda said...

Beautiful post Maria...your lovely mom lives on in you....she would be proud of the woman, her child has become!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This post really touched my heart. I know you still miss her and I truly believe she watches over you. I'm glad you have a wonderful dad.


B SQUARED said...

She is a little "above" the angels, now! And that, is a wonderful place to be.

Amanda said...


this brought tears to my eyes!!! your mom would be proud of you too, and what a great mother you've been and continue to be for rach, jay and me. I wish I could've met Grandma Josephine, and I thank Nonno for having it in his hear to play both roles!

I love you

Linda said...

It is all so beautiful Maria - the pictures, the words, your heart. I know you miss her so very much. What a blessing to know that you will see her again some day.
Your Dad sounds so dear.
And your blog is looking especially lovely these days!

Anonymous said...

What a precious tribute to your Mother. The promises of the Lord are so very comforting! I am so looking forward to seeing so many of my loved ones one of these glorious days!

Maria said...

I thank each and every one of you for stopping by ...
...Your tender thoughts and sweet words are so very appreciated.
And, thank you for the beautiful poem, Robert~
I'm adding it to the post and printing this for our family album~

~Humbly Grateful~

koralee said...

What a beautiful way to remember your dear mom. She sure must have been very special. Wishing you many many blessings of Joy as you remember the love she shared. xoxox

Barb said...

You are a tribute to your Mother, Maria, of that I'm very sure. Your remembrance brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mother when I was in my 30's, but I still think of her daily, sometimes wondering what advise she would give to me. You are fortunate to be able to pass on the wisdom of your parents to your own children.

Dianne said...

Oh Maria, what a glorious tribute for an absolutely angelic mom. I'm sure that you are a reflection of her tender loving ways.

Double chocolate cake, huh? Sounds wonderful.

Enjoy the memories. Somewhere in the old testament it says, "The memory of the righteous is blessed." I'm sure God gave us memories for such as this.


Vicki said...

Hello, sweet Maria,
I loved this beautiful remembrance of your dear mother. I loved seeing her picture and seeing how she touched each of your lives. Blessings to your dear father, too, as he carries on without her. Sending much love and blessings your way! Vicki