Friday, December 10, 2010

Broccoli Pizza Night

I cook soooo much more when my father is here.
Earlier this week I realized that we had eaten a lot of chicken dinners.
...What else can I make, let's see...
and a pizza stone.
Time to make garlic and broccoli pizza!

I used the pizza blend flour that I bought this summer at the King Arthur Flour store.
It is fantastic!
The Pampered Chef chopper is perfect for chopping the broccoli and garlic.
Susan demonstrated it at last year's party.
I had always just used it for walnuts and pecans...never thinking to use it for broccoli.
It makes it so that every pizza slice has broccoli and garlic all over it!
The pizza stone cooks the crust evenly and it comes out sooo crispy on the bottom!

I really need to look around in my pantry.
I wonder what other meals are waiting for me in there!

I hope you all have a great weekend.
It's freezing here tonight.
{around 8° F.}

Stay warm and cozy my friends.
I think it's a baking weekend for me!


Wanda..... said...

We just had a salmon and spinach pizza hot from the oven a few days ago...I've made a cold veggie pizza with broccoli and red peppers(a favorite for Christmas Eve), but never a baked one! So many possibilities with pizza!

francis said...

Hi Maria , sounds wonderful cooking for your father ...
I am going to make "erwtensoep"
this weekend ....mmmmmm
and my firstborn is having his birthday tomorrow . Always very special because on that day I became a mother for the first time ! Lots of "gezelligheid" from me to you !

Marg said...

I can't live without a Pamper Chef Chopper. They are the best and I have given those away as gifts.
There's always something to chop.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your pizza looks divine, Maria. I will try the combination of broccoli + garlic most definitely. We also eat a lot of chicken or turkey. I believe white meat is a little better than red, isn't it?
A baking weekend sounds great, I will bake pancakes tomorrow. The weather is relatively soft and warm Saturday and Sunday. We will walk, run and laugh in the 'Soester Sandhills'!
Have a magical weekend, sweet sweet Maria xxxxx happy baking and tasting for you, your father and everyone of your lovely family xxxxx

Rebecca said...

Maria, That pizza looks absolutely wonderful! Gives me some ideas!

koralee said...

Oh my sweet friend...I am thinking my family would adore this. Yummmm. Sending you sweet love and hugs for a Joyful weekend...we are off to Seattle!

Give your sweet dad a hug from me....blessings. xoxoxo

Wanda said...

My mouth is watering... Oh that looks so good, and so healthy.

My son who loves to bake and make Pizza used King Arthur Flour.

June_Butterfly said...

YUMMY!Now i'm dying to make one,too.I love making pizza.Well,especially when i'm stressed out.

Would love to try this one.Pizza is a fav during christmas,well to eb honest anytime of the year.*smiles*

Thanks for sharing,Maria!

Kathleen said...

Hi Maria,
The pizza looks delicious!
Hope you are staying warm up there!
As to the kahlua, as much as you like! I just drizzle it over the whole cake. Make a cup or less.
Thanks for stopping by!

Barb said...

That crust looks wonderful, Maria! I usually make my pizza dough in the bread maker. I've never tried broccoli. so you've given me an idea.

Lori's page said...

Mouth watering, Maria, I think all of us would like to come to your table! ;-) Thanks for your comment on my post, would you believe it, after only 3 days the snow is gone! All that white dissapeared! Temperatures rose again. We've been promised more snow this week coming. It will be the third snow this December month, very unusual for this area. I live in the suburbs of Paris, so the snow lasts a couple of days longer than the city centre. Hope your Dad is recovering well, and what a blessing to have you bake such yummy dishes for him. Love and hugs, Lori xxx

Lori's page said...

Dear Maria, I would be very grateful if you could post me your email address, I have a personal request, please. Thank you, Lori xxx (

"JeanneG" said...

I'm not sure a broccoli pizza sounds good. It does look good and I do like broccoli, but....

Did you put cheese on it? What is your dough recipe?