Thursday, December 2, 2010

{A Hometown Sky Watch}

They really do a wonderful job decorating in my hometown.
I love how every streetlamp has a lighted wreath.

Every flagpole is another reminder of the long but pretty winters in Central New York.

One of my favorite flower shops, Pires,
welcomes everyone with great cheer!

I just love this tree with its rustic flare and
of course,
all the little birdies!


A wish for a wonderful weekend to all my
magnanimoose friends!

Happy Sky Watching
* look out for snowflakes *
Happy Merry watching too!
~ Have a sweet and lovely weekend my friends ~



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Riet said...

What lovely Christmas pictures you have here and I love the lantern

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maria, these lighted wreaths are darling! You do not live in a very big city, do you? I cannot imagine all the streetlamps in Rotterdam looking that lovely.
Isn't it wonderful to see the whole wide world slowly transforming into a magical winter wonderland. We must make sure we enjoy every single day this festive month to the max, shouldn't we?
Much love to y*o*u*, sweetest friend. xx ** xx
We are celebrating Sinterklaas next Sunday, he looks a bit like Santa Claus, we celebrate Santa Claus too though in the same way as you do. If you google Sinterklaas you will probably get a picture of the good old man. The story tells he lives in Spain and he comes every year by steamship to the Netherlands, his ship is loaded with presents for all the children. December 5th is Sinterklaas' birthday, it is celebrated in the evening, it's called 'pakjesavond'. Grandma will come to our house and we will be celebrating all together. xx**xx

The Captain's Daughter said...

I have always loved the time of year where the town puts on its Festive best!

Guess what!? We are supposed to get flurries! Wheeeee!

Martha Z said...

Your town is lovely dressed for the holidays.

It's me said...

O my i love that wreath on the lights!! is snowing here in Holland lots lots .....and it is freezing so cold !!....Brrrr,,......lovely christmas decoratings.lovely Ria....

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

Yes, it's begining to look alot like Christmas!

m.e (Cathie) said...

what gorgeous street decorations Maria!
it's all a bit different here, no snowflakes just some sunshine & sometimes rain.
hope you have a great month of december and thank you for popping by with your sweet wishes ♥

joo said...

It's such a lovely pre Christmas post Maria! I do love this lamp post and snowman and moose - must be child in me:)
Have a great weekend!

Roo said...

lovely!!!! ...i love poinsettas. my dad always buys my mom one every christmas. which, makes me smile. ;)

Linda said...

Don't you just love this wonderful season Maria? There is a special feeling in the air and I think it shows in creative beauty all around us.
Thank you for sharing these lovely Christmas celebrations!

Barb said...

My moose isn't nearly as cute as yours Maria! I like your town's decorations - lots of red, which is my favorite color.

Cathy said...

Such great pictures. I love the tree with all the pine cones and the moose angel!

Julie Harward said...

It's all so beautiful and I want a tree like that one...I love all the pine comes and birdies! I love out little town too at night it is so amazing! ;D

Diana said...

We had about 15 flurries today! Your town looks very pretty Maria!
Love Di ♥

June_Butterfly said...

So lovely pictures,Maria!Just love the feeling they give.You must be so proud of your place.I just love christmas stuffs.Makes one forget the problems of daily life.

Thanks for sharing!Made my day!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Beautiful job indeed! so festive, it makes me want to start decorating! said...

nice weekend, dear

Rebecca said...

Your town DOES have attractive decorations! (Ours are a little skimpy, but at least there is SOMEthing...)

I'm glad you posted the pictures from the flower shop! For years, we visited one on the other side of the city nearby. I just realized we've not been over there the past couple of years! I need to make sure they still go "all out" for Christmas and get there one of these days!

koralee said...

Oh this makes my heart happy today...I adore Christmas decorations..our town has these vintage ones from long long ago and I love them...I hope they never ever update them...if they do I must get my hands on some of them.

Have a blessed day...may you find JOY around every corner. xoxoxoo

LindyLouMac said...

Poinsettias, a sign of Christmas all over the world it seems.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

How pretty! I love that little snowman! We are just far enough south that we are supposed to avoid the major snow headed towards Chicago...they say we will get a "wintery mix"! That means ICE!

Mary said...

Maria, I love your photos but that first one is really striking. I really like it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Gloria said...

Hi Maria,

Your photos are beautiful! I love the festive decorating. My favorite is that tree. It is so very sweet with all of those pinecones and birdies...:)

Thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog banner. That was so nice of you, my dear friend! You have a sweet heart!

I hope you have a lovely, and cozy weekend!
Blessings to you,
xoxo Gloria

francis said...

Sweetsweet Maria. It's snowing and snowing and snowing overhere . Everything is so beautiful .
I think I'm going to put some money aside and try to safe and than jump on a plane , with Saskia I think hihi and than we can take a walk in your hometown and see all this beauty with our own eyes ... hihi and have a coffee with you and share big hugs ...
Nice dreams ..... for now following your blog .... Have a warm weekend

Lori's page said...

Hello Maria, as always a delightful post, getting very Christmassy! Hope you dad is recovering well. Take good care, keep warm, Lori xxx

Bela said...

So cute post, Maria!! I love it all!!! Christmas is so full of magical moments and feelings!
I wish you have a great super weekend, my friend!! Love!! Bela.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Your town looks so wonderful!
What a wonderful time of the year!
Have a pretty day!

Kathleen said...

That looks so pretty!