Friday, August 13, 2010

No Calorie Sewing

I'm making some cupcakes

and brewing some hot coffee

 pickin' some cherries

baking and baking

on my sewing machine!
I'm addicted to making flour sack towels.
I can quit any time
as long as I don't go down the aisle that sells the 5 pack.

or stop at the fabric shop and head for the novelty prints.

I'll be fine
{Flour sacks ~ the best towels for drying dishes and glasses!}

~ love to you all ~ 
enjoy the weekend my dears!
Join Joyce for Friday's Pretties
Lots of Lovelies to See

Dad update:   The toaster oven is now downstairs in the sunroom area... tomorrow morning we're baking scones!   The objective right now is to keep him safe {without use of his cane he's at risk of another fall} ...
... safe, strong and positive...


francis said...

I love it and you love it ! That's for sure but can you tell me what flower sack towels are ?
Have a wonderful weekend

francis said...

oeps I'm sorry I mean FLOUR SACK TOWELS of course ....Bye

Rebecca said...

Totally darling my friend. Love it! SWEET SWEET SWEEEEET!


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What a great idea! I love anything cupcake, too.
Thanks for playing along with Friday Pretties!!! And, have a wonderful weekend.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi Maria, what a great idea and so practical! BTW, just had to come by and tell you how insightful your comment was on my last post of the attempted bird rescue. It served as my spiritual lesson of the day. Thanks for that!

Rebecca said...

PS: Just had to make a little PS after your comment this morning~

I LOVE LOVE LOVE "As The Deer" but I absolutely cannot sing it without tearing up. I try not to...but every single time they just come.

The song is a huge blessing to me!

Love to you! Happy Day!


Wanda..... said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Maria! I think I will make a few for my friends, that I meet with once a month for lunch. They are friends from grade school days! Over 55 years of knowing them!


Martina said...

Lovely fabrics and a good idea - perfect for presents!

The Tablescaper said...

So pretty. They almost make drying dishes enjoyable!

- The Tablescaper

koralee said...

Oh sweet one...your dad is sooooo blessed to have such a caring daughter! I love your spirit! I will continue to keep you ALL in my prayers.
My little towel is hanging in my kitchen...I LOVE IT!!! You are amazing.
May your weekend be filled with thousands of sweet blessing..xoxoxox

Cathy said...

Those are so cute! I think maybe I could make those. Oh no, just what I need another craft! lol, But no really I like them and may have to try to make one. They would make great little gifts.

Gloria said...

These are so very pretty and cute!
Cheery little blessings to aid in the daily chores!!

Prayers for a beautiful weekend for you....xoxo
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

It's me said...

What lovely !! so pretty.....nice friday did a great job !! happy weekend love Ria...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What happy post, Maria. My lovely treasures are still displayed in my cupboard, not daring to use these lovelies yet.
Just got home this afternoon, I'm in the laundry room all the time ;)
Lots of hugs for a happy lovely JOYful weekend, sweet friend. xxxxx

Diana said...

Very pretty Maria, perhaps you could share the directions. I'd like to make some. BTW, I would gain weight from looking at them!
Love Di ♥

Dianne said...

Hey Maria, first of all I love the towels--and love your "baking."

Secondly, you can find me now at

So, so sorry for the confusion. You can read a little more about it over there.

Vicki said...

Hello, Maria, my sweet and kind friend,
I will have a cupcake and a good cup of hot coffee!! Your tea towels are amazing, love everything about them. You are a talented gal!! I have just read about your daddy. I am so thankful he is able to be there with you and your family. What a blessings to have that extra room for him. I admire your courage and positive spirit, Maria. God bless you all, and I pray for a speedy healing for your daddy. love and hugs~Vicki

Shey said...

These are lovely prints. I totally understand why you want to collect more. I love sewing too.

Rebecca said...

The towels are cheerful! Your whole POST is cheerful. I know your creative talents are making a safe, strong, and positive environment for your father. God bless you, Maria!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm glad you are finding a way to work with and around your dad. It is a process that is for sure.

I love your towels. I fell in love with the cupcakes until I saw the coffee cup. I have a mocha/latte theme in my kitchen. Of course the cherries are so colorful and the pink baking supplies are so cute...oh I can see why you are hooked on making them. Good thing I don't sew I guess!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Well, I left a comment that isn't here-wonder what I did wrong? I'll try again. I love the towels. I thought I was in love with the cupcake until I saw the coffee cup, which is my weakness because my kitchen has a mocha/latte theme. Of course the cherries are so colorful and the baking pattern in so darn cute. I can certainly see why you can't stop making them...the fabric choices are wonderful. I think I'm glad I don't sew!

Barb said...

These would make doing the dishes fun! So cute, Maria. I didn't realize you sewed.

Roo said...

oh i love love LOVE~!! beautiful my friend... xo