Saturday, November 27, 2010

Angels Watching

On my way to my hometown to spend time with my father,
I search around in the console for some music.
After practically cleaning it out, I find an old Amy Grant tape.

As I flew at almost 70mph in my old '98 Toyota, I heard this tune from the past.

There's been only one thing on my mind...

...  Got his angels Watching over me every step I take ... 
Angels watching over me!
 Angels watching over me, every move I make,
Angels watching over me!

Angels watching over me, every step I take,
Angels watching over me!

Though I never see with human eyes, the hands that lead me home.

Gratefully pondering all the wonderful people {and angels} here, there and everywhere!
God bless you,
~ one and all ~


Linda said...

It is such a comforting thought to know that we are watched over and protected by such love.
I hope your Dad is doing well Maria.
Have a blessed weekend and visit.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your posts always make me think.
Have a glorious weekend, Maria, I do hope your father is doing good.
Some really cold weather is banging on my door, we have been inside the house all day long, close to the fireplace to keep warm. It will get colder next week...
Enjoy your Saturday! xxxx

It's me said...

I know that there are angels watching over us my dear.........lovely sunday Ria....

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Even better than the angels is the ONE that sent them to watch over us! What a thought!
Beautiful post, Maria.
Have a blessed Sunday, my friend!
xo Yvonne

koralee said...

Sending you blessing as you are with your sweet father..angels are everywhere and I am sure your father is feeling blessed to have his little angel close by.

I love Amn Grant! I remember watching her family Christmas when I was younger and sooooo wanting to be her..

May your new week be filled with blessings for you and your family..especially your sweet dad.

Three more weeks of school for us...I really can not believe that! I have soooooo much to do but I promised myself to remain calm and it will all get done.

I just sent Molly her Christmas gifts...had a good cry when I realized she will not be home this year...sigh

Love and hugs my friend...what would I do without you?

Diana said...

Your post was beautiful Maria and it makes me think that Angels are always watching over my husband on his travels! Love Di ♥

Dianne said...

I love those old Amy Grant tapes--there is something to be said for that "out of date" music--the message never goes out of style and I like that. Hope you had a good time with your father. Somehow, I thought he was living with you. I guess I missed something which is NOT unusual. You are an angel to many people, me included.


Barb said...

Perhaps we all might be Angels somehow and somewhere. I hope so, Maria. (PS - Slow down. Stay safe! This is an Angel speaking...)

Rosie said...

Oh dearest...I have this old cassette... and this is a perfect PROMISE to start this busy week.
How is your sweet dad feeling...Well, I pray. Have a good visit...and a safe journey home.
Sending your a BIG hug my dear friend