Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missing Muffin so Much

I will miss you so much Muffin. 
You brought us so much laughter and so many funny stories.
I miss your silly grin when I made a favorite treat for you.
I miss you biting my toes at the bottom of the bed.
I miss your perseverance and determination to really live life.
I miss your white blaze atop your head.
...I miss the way you stayed by my feet when I was sewing or grading papers late into the night.
I miss your waddle when you walk.
I miss you licking me to say your sorry after biting me for trying to take knots out of your hair or clean your eyes.
I miss your love of pizza, pasta, meatballs and anything that wasn't dog food.
I miss your beautiful coat...and when you used to have little ponytails with bows.
I miss how smart you were ~ you knew so many tricks and did them faithfully to win a "piece of cheesies."
 ~ I miss you so much Muffin ~ 
I know are free
Pictures from way, way back
We brought muffin home when Amanda was 11, Rachael was 9 and Jason was 7.

The last few days have been difficult to say the least.
Those of you with dogs in your lives will know.
My very old friend, Muffin, needed to be put to rest last night.
At age 16, she had so many problems.
Sunday night, she could no longer walk.
Herniated discs ~ meds not working.
The xrays also showed a tumor and other suspicious nodes.
She was suffering.

All her life she was a fighter, a strong "woman" that never gave up on life.
She enjoyed her food right up to the last day...
She had ground meat and brown rice Sunday night
and would've eaten two bowls... regardless of her pain.

I prayed so hard for God to take her before we had to decide.
I prayed for Him to show me what a good steward of His creatures meant.
My heart broke into a million tears when the answer came.

The highest heavens belong to the LORD,
but the earth he has given to man.
God created the earth and He has graciously given
this incredible gift to man as a dwelling place.
We are to be good stewards of the earth and it's resources;
not because it is ours, but because it is HIS.
...Muffin's last breath was a sigh of relief... 

I love you Muffin 
Thank you for all you gave to us... for we learned much. 

A sincere Thank You to the wonderful staff at Latham Animal Hospital.
Dr. Tim and the technician, Siobhain, were so gentle and gracious.
After we left, Siobhain emailed me this sweet poem.
Rainbows Bridge

{Thank you dear friends for listening}


Amanda said...

mom, your words are very sweet!!! Muffin was a loyal friend, and a great first dog!!! I hope she's in heaven playing with her friends that have gone before her.

Maria said...

♥ love you

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,
Beautiful, wonderful little Muffin is free of her earthly troubles. You've written some happy and fun memories that I hope make you and your family smile often.
Love you,

Gloria said...

((((Maria))))) hugs of comfort to you for the loss of your dear Muffin. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet/friend to the family. I am praying God will comfort you with his loving care.
xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

Julie Harward said...

OK, you know I am sitting here crying too...because you know how much I love my pets and all God's little creatures. He has so kindly given us these sweet love us and to guard us and we really love them back, it does make for a sad parting. Sending you a big long hug..I know how it feels. I am so happy that you know where he is and that one day you will be reunited. God bless you..

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Sweet sweet Maria, your words today touched my heart deeply. Your gorgeous Muffin ~ I love her name ~ went to the other world.
I already know I will think of you more the next days. I just hope that having someone who shares your feelings can make them bearable.
I am sending lots of love and extra hugs for you and your family. xxxxxxxxxxxx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

..That should be,
~Your words speak deeply to my heart today~
These two sentences mean something different, don't they? I sometimes wonder why we do not all speak one language, all over the globe the same language.
Know that I am thinking of you, sweetest Maria. When I lit the candles I will keep Muffin in my mind, she is so cute wearing her yellow bow. xxxxxxx

It's me said...

My dear sweet Maria...what a sad sad news !! your dear Muffin .....i wishing you all the best and streingth...this is so hard.....loosing a dog is almost like loosing a child........lots of love darling......warmmmm hugs from me......Ria...

myletterstoemily said...

dear maria,

i'm so sorry about your sweet muffin.
they become part of the family and
follow us all around the house.

i pray that the Balm of gilead will
comfort your heart.

Barb said...

Sweet Muffin - she had a long and love-filled life. It is so difficult to say goodbye to such a an important member of a Family. I have had to do it, too, and have tears in my eyes tonight for you Maria.

Diana said...

Oh Maria, I DO KNOW your pain. I'm so sorry Dear friend. I can see that Muffin had a very happy life filled with love. Bless her heart. Hugs...
Love Di ♥

Dianne said...

Oh, Maria, I am so sorry--my daughter-in-law had to put her cat to sleep last Friday--had had him 16 years also--

My son called me asking me to pray for her and I noticed that his throat was so tight he could hardly talk. I said, "I bet whe is really sad." He replied, "I am really sad." Yes, my 44 year old son had to call his mommy when their cat died.

I know their hearts are hurting as is yours. I pray that God will soothe the aches and bathe you in His love.

Loving you always,

koralee said...

Oh sweet friend...I can feel your loss...{a year ago we lost our 16 year old lab Rosie}

Sweet muffin is now with Rosie and feeling no pain.

I pray your pain will be comforted by the loving memories you have.

Losing a member of the family is sooo hard. My heart and love is with you sweet one. I will keep you in my prayers.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Our "pup" is 14, so I know how much Muffin was a part of your family. I've never had a dog live this long, your 16 years gives me hope. It must be hard for those who don't have pets to understand how much we love them...even more so once the kids are out of the house.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Wanda..... said...

So very sorry for your loss and pain, Maria. Muffin was certainly well loved, try to find comfort in knowing you gave her a loving home and good care. She was beautiful.

koralee said...


Indie.Tea said...

O Maria, I am so sorry to hear about your little Muffin. It is always so hard to lose a loved least you can find comfort in knowing that she had a long, happy life, and her suffering is over and she is happy now.
[to answer your question - yes I think dried figs would work well, I would cutting them into smallish pieces]

The Captain's Daughter said...

Oh, Maria! I am so sorry... I hope you are comforted by the happy times and by knowing that you gave this creature the Best life possible!

Sending you much love and hugs!

Lori's page said...

Dear Maria, I believe with all my heart that one day we will be reunited with our family and pets! I do, and I also look forward to reunite some long lost friends. I keep you in my hear and prayers and send you many many hugs, love, Lori xxx

francis said...

I read what you wrote ......
Outside it's dark , stars are twinkeling ..... a little little new one , with so many happy memories twinkel twinkel little star .... twinkel ...

Lots of twinkelmemories for you sweet friend .

Linda said...

Weeping with you Maria and remembering the dog of my childhood who will always be a part of my heart. They have a special way of filling our lives with such love and joy.
I'm so sorry.

Sandy said...

Hi, Maria. You are in my thoughts and prayers today! We are going through a similar experience with our little Peke who is 14 years old. She is in excellent physical health, but she has developed dementia. Medication helps, but it seems to be losing it's effectiveness. We are wrestling over whether or not to put her to rest. It's a very painful decision! I hurt for you and your family! God bless you all!


Sorry for your loss. A very nice post about Muffin.
~ Julie

Ann said...

I went back to my old post about the Plunket and found that i couldn't comment on your block. A belated thank you for your warm comment.

I am sorry about Muffin. A month ago, my student told me about his dog's death. i changed the topic I was going to do, and did a Feelings lesson for him.

You write very well.

koralee said...

Oh sweet one...I am soooo sorry for the pain you are going is really a hard hard time. It is nice that muffin is in your back yard....I am sure sweet muffin would not want to be anywhere else right now.

I just feel so bad for you...I wish I could pop over and give you the biggest longest hug. Times like this is when life is soooo hard.

Just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I am thinking about you and your family.

My silly tooth pain is nothing compared to the pain you are going through my friend.

Thank you for your caring comments.

love you xoxoxo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Sweet Maria, I am just popping in to send you some extra love. Know that I am thinking about you all the way from across the ocean. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Maria, your words are so beautiful and touching. Muffin was truly special. I can tell what a huge part of your family she was and that she knew it. You and your family gave her the best life, full of love and happiness. Loosing a part of the family is very hard, but it was her time. She is in a better place now... in peace, pain-free and happy!
With love,
Siobhain, LVT