Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birdie Love


{and inside}

{warm and comforting Saturday morning breakfast with my hubbie and birdies}

I just finished this beautiful birdie puzzle I bought for my father to work on.
Dear Koralee at Bluebird Notes had suggested a puzzle to help my Dad pass the time when he was convalescing last summer. He would only watched, so it became my puzzle instead.

It was a wonderful activity for me!   
~ Enjoy a warm and cozy weekend dear family and friends ~
Thanks again to my sister & brother-in-law, Devon and Everett for sharing their love for birds with us. 
Prayers for all who are experience hardships
outside and inside

Love to all,


Anita said...

What a pretty post Maria, as always!! I was thinking about my woodpecker here. I didn't realize he was here in the winter until I heard him the other day so my parents put out some food. Love your roosters!! Breakfast looks great!! Hope you are well:-)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

We certainly do have birdies on our minds! What a darling red fella!
Your breakfast is warm and cozy. I love the sweet bird theme!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your birdie love inside is the coziest. May you enjoy bunches of that kind of moments, Maria, it's the perfect way to start your day. You can easily replace the bread and bowl for a slice of warm and comforting apple pie, or a cupcake or even a bar of chocolate to celebrate the weekend. I will stay warm and cozy inside, it feels like we went back in time to Fall ... so much rain and wind outside. Have a JOYful weekend, sweet Maria xxxx

It's me said...

I will pray with you for those peoples !! ...great birdie post !! love

koralee said...

Oh sweet friend...this puzzle is amazing..I know my mom and dad would love it. They keep busy doing them all winter long. Glad to hear you sweet dad is doing well!
That first image is stunning...we do not get cardinals up here in our area...I would sooooo love to see one of those specatular birds.
Sending you oodles of love for a bright and happy weekend my friend.

ps...what template do you use from blogger?....I am looking to do some changes to my blog and I love all the room you have on your page!

Ms.Cupcake said...

How pretty! Funny, I posted a wedding cake we did for today (Jan. 15) and there is a little red cardinal on it! Too funny! Have a wonderful day!

Barb said...

Seeing your photos and reading your words brings peace to my heart, Maria. The Cardinal is King of that Outside domain!

Diana said...

I love your pretty photos Maria. The Cardinal was beautiful. Puzzles are fun. We all used to work on them here and there! Pretty post!
Love Di ♥

Lori's page said...

Absolutely lovely, and what nice tableware again! I have not put a puzzle together for a long time, I think you might just inspire me and go out to buy one this week. Thanks for your lovely post, have a great weekend, love, Lori xxx

Dianne said...

It's a funny thing about puzzles--at some of the most trying times in my life, besides God's Word, a puzzle seemed the only thing that would take my mind off my problems.

Even if your father wasn't working it, I bet he was enjoying watching you.

And what a happy looking puzzle to work too. I love it.

Hope your weekend is blessed dear Maria.


Linda said...

It is so lovely to stop here for a visit Maria. I always feel a peace and quietness settle over me. You have a gift my sweet friend.
I heard a cardinal singing his beautiful song the other day when we were out walking, but I couldn't see him. I hadn't heard them in a while.
I love the puzzle (and enjoy doing them as well). I think you could make a nice permanent picture out of it.
Have a blessed weekend Maria.

Cobalt Violet said...

Love birds ... a puzzle ... such a perfect winter activity though I guess I'd need to find a place to put it!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You really captured that gorgeous red! I bought my dad a puzzle for Christmas, a really hard one and I think he will do it. He is a big kid really!

Roo said...

i've been thinking about you maria!! for shiloh's bd we had a TEA PARTY birthday party was SO fun...and full of tea partyish delight that i know would make you smile. :)

Roo said...

and...WOW!! i love the link to the cake pan!! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!!!

Rosie said...

Hey Sweet Maria,
WE LOVE puzzles at our house...but only seem to do them at Christmas. The dining rm table is the place to ALL hours of the day or night, there is always someone plunking pieces in. That one looks like it was lots of FUN. How is your dad? Hoping all is well dear friend...Hugs Rosie

Boas Vibrações said...

Thank you Maria for your solidarity, always in your prayers, remember that this suffering people need blessings. (my moment of silence)