Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Baking Imitates Nature

I just love my Nordicware Holiday Trees Pan.
Saskia posted about it before Christmas
and I ordered one right away!
Maybe this cake would turn out beautiful for me too!
{I've made five ever since including this one for Jason's birthday}

 . . . you see . . .
I'm really a cookie and pie baker.

 {I made my "J's" for Jason's birthday pie with a candy cane cutter; it made them backwards ;o)

Sometimes, people ask me why I love blogging.
 I tell them about all the sharing that we do.

friendship, baking, crafts, books, inspirations, prayers
{to say the least!}

The other day, I saw Julie's macaroon cookies.
I just baked a batch with Amanda today!
Thank you, Julie, what an easy recipe!
 Click here for a printable recipe

This afternoon, my daughters, Amanda and Rachael went shopping.
They sent me two cellphone photos.
two Willow Tree angels. 
They wrote, "Mom, these reminded us of your blog and your blog friends
~ tea and birds and joy ~
So true in many ways.
Thank you for all the cups of joy!

Dear family and friends,
I hope your Sunday has calm moments
some sweet tea and beautiful birds.
and all the blessings God pours out of heaven for us to receive.

Go Packers :o)


myletterstoemily said...

dear maria,

i can't imagine blogland without your

your pies and cookies look delicious!

it is very special that your girls 'get'
why you love it so much. it show how
much THEY love you.


It's me said...

Hello Maria...what a beautiful post filled with love and joy and yammie cookies !!...nice angels !! did they buy them for you???...and yeah Sassie......she is the best !!...i love that girl !! we met eachother a while our shop.......lovely sunday

Diana said...

Ah yes, Jake is home with me today and we WILL be cheering the PACKERS on !
I love your cake pan results Maria, very realistic! And your Macaroons looked delicious! Happy Sunday!
Love Di ♥

koralee said...

You are soooo sweet...I am doing some valentines baking today...I love to BAKE...wish we could do it together!!!
Sending you blessings of JOY my sweet one for a wonderful Sunday filled with the love of Jesus!
Now must sweetie is taking me out for breakfast and had to stop by before I left to wish you a happy more stop to make {my daily blog friends..must visit everyday!} xoxoo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your sweet daughters are little angles, dearest Maria. Sending these lovely pictures while shopping, I think they are perfect! They do describe exactly the way it is. I hope you all celebrated a wonderfully Jasonny birthday party!
I will drink my teas today, watch the (black)birds in my garden and enjoy a pretty calm day.
Hearty hugs to you, always xoxoxoxo
I've bought a heart-shaped Nordic ware pan. Valentine is coming to town and my girls will celebrate their birthdays in February. Thought this a good excuse ^_~

Teresa said...

Your lovely lovely spirit BEAMS as you write!
I just can't believe you created that snow~topped cake!
The loveliest I've seen....and I know it was magical to nibble.
What lucky sweet girls you have!
Having YOU as a MOM!
I just know you are an ANGEL...just like my Mother!
I've always called her My Angel.
Girls with ANGELS for MOMMIES are the luckiest of all.
Happy Sunday to you too.
Thank you for all that you share!
You melt my HEART in the sweetest way!

Barb said...

Well, Maria, you know I can barely withstand the seduction of your baking. I thought Jason's "J's" on his pie made a cute puffy smiley face. I have a little Willow Angel right here beside me - she's holding a tiny rabbit (much more well-behaved than Lucinda!).

Vicki said...

Hi, Maria, I bet Jason loved his delicious pie and birthday cake!! You always bake the most wonderful things. I am sure your family loves all the love and care that goes into each recipe you bake, too. Well, those Packers won, didn't they? Congratulations! My team The Cowboys were totally out this year. Oh well, maybe next year. Enjoy your upcoming week, dear friend. Thank you for the love and dedication you show your family and your students at school. Love and hugs to you~ Vicki

anupama said...

Dear Maria,
Good Evening!
First time here from Diana's blog.
A good read,inspiring and thought provoking!
So loving and caring your girls are!
Thanks for your good wishes!A Big God Bless You!
Wishing you a lovely evening,

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow, that sure looks yummy!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I always love to see the world through your photos! The cake does look just like the trees!! Very nice. The macaroons look delish!

Rosie said...

Oh Maria this IS the MOST beautiful cake I have ever is a forest to savor and enjoy...the best kind.
Your sweet, sweet girls really do know what makes our hearts sing. Even though I haven't been able to blog lately, it is ALWAYS close to my heart...thank you for the well wishes...sending you a hug and a kiss..Rosie

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

All of these treats...I suddenly feel hungry. :)

Indie.Tea said...

I've seen those pans at Sur La Table, but I never knew the cake would turn out so beautifully! Love it...
And your daughters sound so sweet, with those little Willow Tree angels...