Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slowly getting back

to healthier eating

Are there still bowls of Christmas candy around your house too?
I confess to stealing a kiss or two.
The almond torrone are such a tease!
Homemade peppermint bark becomes an easy addiction.
Orange slices are catching my eye, won't they look cute on cupcakes?
I'm trying really hard to reach instead for a real kiss, real fruit slices and peppermint tea!

Are you living with temptation like me?


Regina said...

Love these!
A blessed New Year Maria.

koralee said...

We are on the same wavelength my friend..just finished a post for tomorrow on just the same subject!

Hey I just noticed your sweet apple tarts...do you have that tart maker too...I need to pull mine out again....well maybe not...I am so trying to be good.

Hugs and love to you...today was a great first day back for me...I really do love it..even though this morning I so wanted to stay in my cozy bed!!! xooxo

koralee said...

Oh Maria...forgot to tell you where I got those cute edible snowflakes from...a friend...I will ask her next time I see her...they really are adorable! xoxxo

It's me said...

O Maria...yes here also christmas candy's.......but homemade peppermint ?? sounds good to me ........happy day darling....love Ria....xxxxx.....

francis said...

Sweet Maria , Thank you for all your kind comments and caring words .
I'm so glad with my new blog-friends . You all make my day and some of you YOU ! are very special to me . I always love to read all you write . Also enjoy the beautiful pictures .
My intention for the new year is to learn that too , on my blog .
My feet are still on my couch most of the time but I think its going better each day a tinylittlelittle bit . I'm making a list of all I want to do when I'm on my feet again . Saskia send me a beautiful little notebook and all my wishis go in there .
Simple things as hanging my fatglobules outside for the birds .
Making the cookies I wanted to bake for Christmas but couldn't .
I make them NEWYEARScookies .....
I have a lot of enjoying sweets to catch up . On the other hand ....
better to get used to less sweets and more apples ..... Good idea !
All the best for a healthy week for you and your loved ones .

Cathy said...

Yes, I'm living with temptation too and I must say, I'm giving in a little more than I want to.

Have a great day!

The Captain's Daughter said...

There is still waaaay too many holiday goodies laying around our house! Thankfully, sweets don't call my name; however, the bread and butter does!

I must say that I do love the jelly fruit slices in your photo!

Here's to getting back to health/ier eating!

Diana said...

There is still a little but I got tired of it all! And besides cheese is the object of my affections!!
Love Di ♥

Julie Harward said...

Ours is all gone, thanks to the grands, but I keep looking for something sweet..but I am walking too! ;D

Wanda..... said...

You're slowly getting back to healthier eating and I'm slowly getting back to blogging...I won't mention that I just ate a cupcake.

Barb said...

Well, you know my weak spot, Maria! My MD friend sent me a LARGE box of Peppermint bark because she knows it's my favorite. I only have a tiny bit left - it will be better for me when it's gone. But - Oh, I've enjoyed every sweet taste. (And I DO drink peppermint tea - it's not the same...)

Anita said...

Well, I pretty much ate everything I could get my hands on knowing I would be going back to my diet! But I bought chocolate mint sugar free gum to ease the transition! We are getting ready to celebrate Three Kings, and we are getting more snow so it looks like the children will be home tomorrow. Hope you are doing well!!

Linda said...

I actually dumped the rest of the jelly beans into the trash the other day. I put the chocolate (dark chocolate) kisses into a little baggie and put them out of sight in the frig. I have got to lose ten pounds before my daughter's wedding!!!

dcrelief said...

Once I polished off the peanut butter cookies, I sent the candy out the door. Bought a bag of celery to keep my mouth busy! Haha.

Wonderful post!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your Christmas candy does look very tempting. I like your Steal a kiss, is that the name of this candy?
Mine is all gone already. I even bought 2 extra boxes Christmas tree cookies dipped in chocolate last week.
I cannot resist chocolate bars. Dark chocolate and every now and then filled with whole nuts.
Are you back in the routine of school days again? I'm sending you extra hugs for lovely, relaxing evenings, my friend.
My back is so much better already. Have a happy Friday, Maria xxxx