Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't forget your pinkie

My niece made me smile when she reminded her cousin
...When you raise your teacup...
~ don't forget your pinkie ~

One of the highlights of my week
was tea with some of the ladies in my family

Always have treats
teas and chocolates
when you hold your teacup
~ don't forget your pinkie ~

The daintiness and yet elegance of a china teacup focuses
one to be gentle, to think warmly and to feel close.

-- Carol and Malcolm Cohen
Wishing you a very sweet week.
March is around the corner!
What will it bring?

{no more snow please}


Anita said...

Oh Maria, how cute!! I'm thinking about tea, but I'm so addicted to coffee, and Luis is a coffee only person. I'm the only one who drinks hot tea. They do love iced tea in the summer though. I'm planning on having a lady at my church who is from England over for tea in a couple months. Can't wait for that! She is in Florida for the winter. Take care:-)

Regina said...

How gorgeous Maria. Love teas and i love your tulips below.

Have a wondrous week.

" Regina "

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a darling post! ANd a great reminder... Pinkies Up!

Doreen said...

Great quote! Wishing you a sweet week too! and many more tulips and signs of Spring to come!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I will think about my that, your cousin is oh so sweet, Maria. Your table looks very inviting and pretty, the pink puff is adorable, a sweet touch by a sweet lady.
I am so so ready for March, I hope to see the yellow heads of my daffodils soon now, as well as the blossoms in my lilac. I do hear birds whistling already, I love that sound to wake up to.
Here in Brugge (Bruges) we wake up to the sound of bells, so romantic!
Have a wonderful new week, dearest Maria. I will think of you when my clock beeps at 7h too (you will be in a fairy place somewhere in dreamland that very moment, it's all about the thought)
Much love xxxx

francis said...

the first thought I had after reading your blog today was ....
can you adopt me in your family !
We never have that in mine .
I am so glad to see you have that . Must be wonderful . Tomorrow is my appointment in the diagnostic center to hear the results of the examinations.
I am a bit used to be at home now . In peace with it because I can stand only for a short time and walk only very short ....
I have learned to find things back in my life that make me happy .
Life without school and the children is so very different .
I long for spring and hope to be in my garden to catch all the sunshine I can get . Especially since my beautiful tree had to go ... Have a wonderful week

It's me said...

I wish i live next to you...than we could drinke tea together with pinky ...and eat all that delicious food !! ...yammie yammie !! have a nice week

koralee said...

A celebration of tea and family...this makes my heart happy today my friend. So glad I stopped over this my day is off to a great start. All those treats look amazing! Such sweet little girls.

Sending you oodles of love this MONDAY on your first day back. xoxoxoxo

Linda said...

You know just how to make a tea perfect Maria. It is all so lovely.
Have a blessed week sweet lady - and I hope the snow is all finished for the year!

Wanda said...

Love those little "pinkies". I have many lovely and dainty teacups, but for Mr. Toast's Theme Tuesday, "Bedtime" I used a old chipped mug for my model. Posted it today. Would love to have a cuppa tea with you.

LindyLouMac said...

Your niece's comment really made me smile today as did the fact that it is March.

Dianne said...

Hi Maria,
That's interesting what you said about "no more snow in March please."

When we lived in Tulsa we always got our biggest snows towards the end of March--cold air coming down from the Colorado mountains mixed in with the moist warm air coming up from the gulf--those were when we got 18" and 20". Hopefully you won't get any more significant snows--

Everything is budding out here--jonquils are up--

Sorry I haven't been dropping by as often lately. With the opening of Renewal Ranch and end of basketball season tournaments, it has been crazy around here.

Always loving you dear friend,

Maria said...

What a cute little girl! And a very nice photo too! Your tea cakes look so delicious! I hope March will bring Spring and tulips in the backyard! Have a happy week ahead!

Barb said...

I'm a tad late but are there any leftovers?