Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eight Things

8 Things I look forward to -
  • That first cup of coffee in the morning with my best friend (my husband) especially when he brings it to me :)
  • Some personal space at the end of work *finishing my Valerie Pfeiffer cross stitch "Lady in Red"
  • Lovely walks in my little community
  • When my three children are all home
  • Huge holiday gatherings with my family
  • Music or writing that makes me cry or laugh out loud or say aha!
  • A lesson I prepare that my students enjoy
  • Road trips with my sister
8 Things I did yesterday
  • I went to church and heard The Good Shepherd reading again, but I always find a new significance at each phase of life or time in history... He is my Leader ~ who loves me...
  • Stopped at a flower/garden shop to pick up new plants for the garden
  • Made a HUGE pan of apple crisp from our own apples of last fall. They froze really well after I flash-baked them... Oh Wow... the apple crisp was awesome... we had to make ourselves stop eating it...
  • Made a HUGE pan of chicken parmesan (the low fat way with no breadcrumbs) everyone loved that too :)
  • Gardened
  • Assembled window boxes with pansies and impatiens
  • Ate supper with our daughter and her fiancé
  • Walked our two lil' ole ladies ~ Muffin & Misty ... 15 and 13 year old shih tzus
8 Things I wish I could do-
  • Be more Prayerful & aware of God's presence
  • Be Calmer (my blog title is really a personal reminder ;)
  • Live to see great-grandchildren!
  • Travel whenever!
  • Better organize my desk at work and my home so that I would stop wasting so much time!
  • The last three are different places I wish I could live:
  • -a farm with chickens, goats and horses
  • -an apartment in the prettiest part of Paris
  • -Tuscany, Italy

8 Shows I watch-
  • Friends
  • Dog Whisperer
  • Fraiser
  • Food Network (mostly Sandra Lee-love her table-scapes) ...
  • I don't really watch much TV any more... which is why we're cutting our big cable bill down to just basic (23 stations) Not much on TV that really floats my boat...There's so much personal talent that's not recognized by the main-stream... It's all on youtube or blogs (which are my new magazines ... such great writing & producing out there) or just walking outside and getting fresh air!
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Following in His Footsteps said...

Eight Comments:
(1) Wonderful Post
(2) Like the topic
(3) You have a wonderful blog site
(4) Your tags are great
(5) Love your Calm Energy Pic... Seneca Lake ?
(6) Birds are your passion. Does your maiden name mean "bird" or something ?
(7) There is something here for every searching spirit.
(8) Can't wait for next Fridays Pic.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I don't watch much TV either, but having a 16 year old daughter, we DO watch American Idol!!!
Mostly it's the Food Network for me, too! Love Ina Garten, and Iron Chef America always intrigues me.
Many of the things on your lists are very similar to mine. Love for the Lord and for family are priorities!