Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am wearing Emeraude perfume today.

It was my mother's favorite scent.
Those tender moments before bedtime are part of my eternal memories of her. . . Mom, freshly bathed and in her silky robe, catching a few minutes to herself...watching the news or The Tonight Show. . . I can smell her Emeraude. . . I snuggle her one more time before going to bed. The tenderness is all around me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy
~We miss you~


Amanda said...

This is so sweet, I wish I had gotten to know her too.

I find that memories come with senses. Vivid senses.
Sometimes before bed I can imagine your warmth when you used to hug me good night.
It is soothing to me to hear a sewing machine. It reminds me of hearing it from my bedroom at night while you were working on your bibs.
When I taste your chicken soup it reminds me of winters by the fireplace and the snow piled so high it was half way up the back door.

Funny how smells, sounds, tastes, feelings can remind you of something so far back you're surprised it's still with you.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Such a sweet and wonderful memory of your Mom. I am sure one of thousands. I am missing my Mom this year so much too. Her birthday is coming up and our Mother's Day. She died this fall, and we are facing all of those firsts of her being gone. Nothing like a Mom!!!
Love, Joyce