Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What kind of brew are you?

Mmmm ... just getting home from work means either stopping at my
favorite coffee spot (Dunkin' donuts) or brewing some up myself at home!

Thanks, Amanda, for the HUGE mug.
...It's perfect for ...

My ultimate favorite coffee is from Dunkin' Donuts.
We get the whole bean in a 5 lb bag right from
I add a few flavored coffees to the order... The price with shipping is still
lower than buying it at the store.
We have a grinder with our coffee maker, so the whole bean is so nice and fresh!
135 cups ... you know that means 10 mugs ; )

Below, dressed in a plain brown bag, is one of the best Amaretto coffees I've ever had.
It really tastes like there are two shots of Amaretto in it!
This comes from Adam's Fairacre Farms... they'll ship
right to your door and take off $2 a pound if you order 5 lbs or more!

We ordered decaf, since it's more of a dessert coffee...

These are my daytime flavors... more Dunkin' Donuts coffees!

I'll go to Starbucks for the comfy chairs, BUT their coffee is so strong and bitter.
... it really depends on the blend and how it's made.

My daughter's fiancé worked there as manager when he was going to school and knew how to blend the coffee for Dunkin' Donuts drinkers...

What kind of brew are you?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I do love the Dunkin' Donuts coffee, but I usually get Folgers. The strong, dark stuff. For Farmboy. But...last week Maxwell House was on sale, so I bought some for myself. Something a bit milder that the "dark side" Farmboy has turned to. I think it's their breakfast blend. When I brew that in my BUNN, I can have a big mug full, not just the teeny 8oz I get to have from the "dark side". The "dark side" gives me a stomach ache, so a small cup is all I can handle.
Thanks for askin'!
Wish we could share a pot!

cityfarmer said...

DUNKIN' DARK for this farmgirl

nice to meet you
let's chat

Following in His Footsteps said...

What's all the brewhaha about what brew are you.... Advice alert... If your wife likes it.... just drink it already !
I guess that makes me a laughing brew. DD is the way to go. ;>)

Amanda said...

I must thank my mother, the author of this blog, for starting me on the coffee morning addiction!!! Well, it was either that or a diet Coke... and who wants soda on the way to work at 6:30 a.m.? Gross.

Since beginning this addiction in September of 2006 (the start of my first "real job") I've tasted MANY coffees.

My favorite is the Amaretto coffee from Adams!!! It is the BEST COFFEE EVER! I buy the caffeinated, and it is a delicious treat on my way to work. I also like DD coffee, my boyfriend and I after struggling to find Dunkin' D's coffee in the South on our last vacation, in a panic the whole time thinking we'd have to drink nasty gas station coffee, are planning this one locating all of the DDs so we know where to stop and which routes to take =). My least favorite coffee is Seattle's Best. It came once in a cereal box, I think Blueberry Morning, as like a surprise inside...but it was pretty gross! I hope it's not really Seattle's best :P I NEVER drink Starbucks coffee, I reserve my time there for their specialty drinks, which are my favorite anywhere like the new Vivanno and the Grande Soy Vanilla Chai.