Monday, August 31, 2009

The Apples of My Eye! (a splendid finish)

I love my apple trees.
Twenty-two years ago we planted four apple trees. Over the years, I believe we may have only harvested an apple or two each season.

We never really understood why.
Now we know!
They didn't have a 'cultivator!'
About five years ago, we planted an espalier apple tree... Who would have known that this nifty little tree would be such a Casanova!
Since the addition of this tree to the yard, our apple trees have been making apples by the bushel! The last three years have been a boon... we can't keep up with all the peeling!
...and that's a good thing!

This year, the harvest is a little weaker than usual, but still pretty good... Hubby says they need pruning... I know that he's right... just hope it doesn't hurt too much ;o)

* * *
Additional photos added after collecting ground apples today!

Three lil' ones I found... The one I'm holding won
the smallest apple contest ;o)
...Oh! A real beauty...
...No... wait...
I think a squirrel got here first...
This really is the back of the apple above!
They must know the best apples too!
* * *
And then she said: " This one's just right!"


Amanda said...

remember when my apple tree was so small and tiny... but yet, it bore the first fruit,.

Barb said...

Well Maria,
I'm thinking applesauce, apple crisp, apple pie, baked apples, etc, etc, etc...

Diana said...

Oh Maria, I am so excited that you beat the squirrels to the apples! I envisioned this woman running around the yard trying to tackle the apples before the squirrels got them! I wish you could share!
Love Di

B SQUARED said...

Nature is so incredible. Being a city boy, there is a whole world I know nothing about.

Maria said...

Well... taking a break from the apples... I'm adding a couple more pics of what I collected so far... and can now finally mow the lawn under the trees! I hope some neighbors venture over to take home a bag or two! Wish I could pass some out to everyone here!

One thing we did last year that I will definitely repeat:
We peeled & sliced apples, added the flour, sugar & cinnamon...baked for about 5 mins and froze for holiday pies. (Measure right amount in a pie plate, then freeze in gallon ziplocks) Worked out great... only had to make the crust and bake on Thanksgiving eve!
Thanks for stopping by today~ Maria

Jientje said...

Wow you have been a very busy bee too! Are you going to bake apple pie with them? Make apple sauce? You're making my mouth water. Apple pie is what makes me come to terms with Fall! ;-)

sparrow's song said...

I would love apple sauce!

Please explain,
They didn't have a 'cultivator!'

How does that work? Thanks.

Sandy said...

Love your trees! My grandmother has a single apple tree in her yard, and it bears tons of sweet apples almost every year. Aren't there certain varieties that are self-pollinating? I have some of my grandmother's apples in my freezer, and after reading your post, I think I need to make an apple cobbler!

Maria said...

I know... I had to read about it.
After I told my neighbor, the plant expert, how all of a sudden our apple trees were making apples galore, (we thought maybe it was the weather ;o) He said, have you planted any other apple or crabapple trees?

(Did that make sense? I'm still working on figuring it out myself ;o)

God's plan for nature is pretty amazing!
I'm glad the bees know what they're doing...

Joyce said...

How exciting to see what you plant produce so much offerings. Make room for the apple sauce and apple pie!! I LOVE the last photo.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. I greatly appreciate it my friend.
Have a golden day! xoxo

Wanda said...

You really were busy picking up apples today Maria...I was here earlier, but my grandchildren popped in and had to leave befor commenting. Did you leave any for the squirrels?

koralee said...

Great post for Sept. 1...Love love fresh apples right off the tree! Yours look amazing! Thank you for your lovely comments you left on my blog...and happy first day back to school to you

Sarah Dawn said...

Maria, Oh the sweet memories of apple picking. Thank you for reminding me of the joy of my home country, especially as we begin our move back.

Blessings from the mission field,
Sarah Dawn