Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clunkers for People

I spent a good part of last week helping my oldest daughter shop for a "new car."
The dream car she was seeking: a new white Camry with a sunroof...like her old '96.
This year she was tenured at a school downstate. She definitely needs a reliable car to start her fourth year of teaching.
Over the years, we would pray that she would make it through each season without getting stranded... This old '96 Camry used to be mine. Back in 2001, when our daughter opted to commute to the university, we offered her the old car (she saved at least $35,000 by commuting! It was $7k a year to live on campus! Although she put A LOT of miles on this old car, it carried her safely for eight years !

Now it has over 180k and it's still a trooper! It's no clunker to me!
I'm happy to have it back and let it retire in my care. No more downstate traffic or weaving around double tractor-trailers on the thruway.
At one of our area's larger dealerships, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw "the clunkers" in person. This is just ONE ROW of clunkers.
Their entire side parking lot was filled with them. I have to tell you there were only a few that I'd label "a clunker." The rest could be such a rescue to a family in need.
They still have lots of life in them! Don't you think !?!

...the story of a friend comes to mind...
Several years ago, a dear friend of ours lost his wife to an aneurysm which caused a cerebral hemorrhage. She left behind four girls...the youngest was to begin kindergarten. Can you imagine? The father, a friend Chris and I have known since college days, was devastated and unprepared for such a tragedy... and ended up in debt up to his eyeballs trying to raise his little girls. We all helped in what ways we could.
I'll never forget how he had to keep his clunker mini-van alive for the long haul. It needed to be his chariot of fire....
...and keep running for the Glory of God!
I know ... even today... he would be ecstatic to take one of these clunkers home as his beautiful angels are now all in college!

This man has a special place in God's heart. All of his daughters did beautiful work in school, received scholarships for college and are such lovely young women. Their mother would be so proud of them and absolutely amazed that her husband accomplished such a great labor of love.

I strive to be a good steward of the earth... but ...

I'm still sad that these cars must be destroyed and will not have a more noble finish... sent out on missions to help those without... and keep running for the Glory of God!

In the end, our daughter did not get the car she wanted, but instead found the car she needed.
She bought a used gray Honda Civic with only 20k miles! When she sat in the car to test drive it...a big smile enlivened her tired face... and she said, "This is the car for me."
Amen, and Humbly Grateful!


TCKK said...

How wonderful for your daughter!!! I too just bought a "new" used car with low mileage. I'm thrilled with it too. Sometimes you just know (like your daughter) or God let's you know when you've found the right one.

Diana said...

Jake and I had a Toyota Corolla (1986). It had over 200,000 miles on it when we traded it in. It still ran good but you could see the road through the wholes in the floor boards! Great car. I'm sure my hubby still misses it! But I love my Ford Focus wagon!
Love Di

Maria said...

My father-in-law has a Ford Focus and LOVES it! Mentioned that to Amanda... at the time she was stuck on getting another Camry (can't blame her...it's a great car)!
When she saw the 'bottom line' price after tax, delivery... DMV fees on the new car she hoped for... her face went ashen. Then the salesman said... I think there's a used car out there you might be interested in ;o)

Anonymous said...

I agree it would make more sense to help a family in need in the moment than to so-called help the earth that will survive on until God declares it to be no more.

I'm so glad she found a little civic that will suit her needs. We sold our old civic to our son when he came back from the military and had no transportation. It's still going!

I wish her all God's best in the school year ahead.

Wanda said...

It does seem a waste...but so are a lot of things these days!

Deidra said...

Congratulations to your daughter! What a joy to find a car that makes her smile.