Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugar Frosted Day

Everything here
s u g a r   f r o s t e d
and the snow plow is humming again.
i m a g i n e
sugar frosted world
the snow takes on a new look
We're traveling west to visit my father.
His area of NY had quite a storm this week.
With the snow still gently falling
like powdered sugar,
we venture off
Rachael, Juan and Jason are off to NYC to buy handsome suits for the wedding.
Did I tell you there's a wedding?
Travel safely one and all.

You'll love these Cupcake photos


Dianne said...

Hey Maria, love your sugar frosted photos. Have a safe and wonderful trip to see your father. Hope he is doing great. Love, D.

Wanda said...

Love your sugar coated post. I love to use powdered sugar... it makes anything baked look better and taste better.

Made Banana Bread yesterday, and drizzled it with powdered sugar and crushed nuts.... Your cupcakes look delicious too.

Maria said...

So much snow! Your sugar frosted photos are really nice! Have a nice week ahead, Maria!

Julie Harward said...

Yummy to the sugar and the snow...who's wedding? I love weddings (we sure have had a lot of them with 8 kids) Have a wonderful visit! Come say hi :D

Amanda said...

awwww, mom you're so cute!! I literally said that out loud... I love your analogy of the sweets and the snow. However, we didn't get a "sweet" amount of snow! More like when you eat too much rich cheesecake and have a stomach ache. lol love you

Barb said...

Stay safe, Maria, and enjoy your visit with your Father. Eat a cupcake for me if you have time! We will have more "frosting" here in CO by morning. My niece actually served cupcakes at her reception - they were yummy!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Those cupcakes are heavenly. In fact, all your pictures are amazingly sweet! Have a safe trip and a pleasant visit.
Your comments are always so, so lovely! Loved the one you left the other day, original and sweet! Love visiting your blog and I love reading your comments on my blog!!

Have a lovely sunday!

Sandy said...

The snow is amazing! I haven't seen that much snow since I was a child growing up in northern Ohio. It's beautiful. Also, congratulations on the wedding. I think I missed that news. Which one of your "babies" is getting married? Blessings!

Rebecca said...

I don't think you have told us that "there's a wedding". Will watch for details!

Blessings on all of you in travel, weather, life and love.

Wanda said...

Your first 2 photos look sweet and tasty, Maria! The frosting on the others is very familiar. Lots of weddings lately!!!

Marg said...

You are having snow, and we're having spring...and wiener roasts outside.
Congrats on the wedding...I'm sure you will be reporting more..

koralee said...

Enjoy your trip...what a fun time that will be. Stay safe. xoxo

Linda said...

You have a great eye for beauty Maria and a gift for capturing it on film. Lovely.
I didn't know there was a wedding. I do love weddings!!
Safe travels dear one.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling your blog is bursting at the seams with creativity, colour and beauty. So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

Love & Hugs

Vicki said...

Hello, Maria,
Enjoy your visit with your father. I know he will love to see you. I love that sweet little bird in the snow. Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend! Vicki

Sit A Spell said...

I saw your tea cups and had to stop in and say HELLO. I am an avid tea drinker, former teacher and fellow christian. So, we have a few things in common.

I love your photography posted here...really beautiful shots.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I really must say that I prefer my frosting on the cupcakes:) Your photos are beautiful.

Shey said...

Definitely a "sugar-frosted" world out there. Beautiful shots! :)