Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Thoroughly Modern Vintage

I handmade
vintage linens.
Tender hands
making crosses
adding beauty to life.

Cotton, lace, and carefully placed stitches
making flowers and leaves
 and smiles
Very Vintage Linens
Made decades ago, treasured by someone special,
Kept very neatly ~ tucked away sweetly

sold on eBay last weekend, shipped USPS,
arrived in my mailbox today.

~ I live a very modern life ~
but the other side of me
is very vintage

So thoroughly modern vintage!


Wanda said...

What lovely and lucky finds, Maria! I love the soft pink and blue of the one!
I have linen pieces and quilts (about 100 years old) made by both my great grandmother and great grandfather.
Will you gently use them or display them only?

Julie Harward said...

Just beautiful...I'm amazed that someone is still doing this pretty work! Enjoy! Come say hi :D

Diana said...

Very pretty Maria, I have several pieces myself. I love the vintage tablecloths. I use them all the time!
Love Di

koralee said...

These are so so pretty...I love vintage linens. I always look for them. Hope your weekend has been a good one. Sending you hugs.

Pearl Maple said...

What special finds, little treasures like that always make me wonder about the lady who stitched them, was it a break from her mothering duties, a quiet weekend activity, nice that you have rescued them and given them a new place to shine.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh, so pretty. I love it when we find something we love and...we can actually have it! Your words always make me smile!


Linda said...

They are lovely Maria! I love vintage linens too. I have a towel rack hanging on our kitchen wall and hang my towels there. Right now I have a set of Monday - Sunday towels that my Mom embroidered. They are so sweet. You make me want to run out and search for more!
Thank you so much for your very helpful comment. I am prayerfully trying to get a proper balance to my days and my blogging.

Dianne said...

"making flowers and leaves and smiles"--

You will never believe this but my middle son just asked for my hand-stitched Psalm 23 that I made when he was a little boy. I never thought about doing a post about it--but guess I will now--

Thank you for making me smile and giving me a good idea for a post and I will definitely link back to yours.


Barb said...

I have some wonderful old pieces from my Family. I treasure them. These are so lovely and delicate - the lace is a wonderful touch. Don't you like thinking about the hands that made them, Maria?

Cathy said...

So very beautiful!

Wanda said...

So lovely and delicate. I'm always looking for linens in thrift shops or antique shops. Have several that my mother made.

B SQUARED said...

I have vivid memories of my grandmother doing this as I was growing up. We even had a special gizmo to iron them.

nothingprofound said...

Beautiful work! So fine and delicate!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh what sweet treasures! I love vintage linens too -- always looking at them when I go to antique stores and on eBay. Your finds are so lovely.

EcoRover said...

Beautiful cross stitch. We have some nice heirloom stuff from the Grandmas, and every few years our German Mutti sends a treasure. Meine Frau says she'll take this up after retirement (her Grandma taught her those many years ago)...

Jenifir said...

The name of my blog is Thoroughly Modern Vintage: I like vintage linens too!