Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have You Met Ann?

One of the first people that I met
in this ocean of beautiful photographs and writing
The story was Power Source.
{part two here}

I printed this story and read it to everyone in my family.
 Today I read one of her recent posts; it was so amazing, I had to share it.

I visit Ann's posts almost every day.

Her stories, her faith journey, her pictures that speak 1,000 words
the sweet piano solos
nourish and affirm.

I am grateful to have found her.

"In the experiences of a simple/crazy life,
farming Canadian dirt, raising
half a dozen exuberant kids,
stringing sheets out on the line....

I'm praying to slow and see
the sacred in the chaos,
the Cross in the clothespin,
the flame in the bush.

Just a bit of
listening, laundry, liturgy...

I met some of my dear blog friends through Ann's Gratitude Community.
Thank you for being there

~ May we find the Holy in all Our Days ~


Dianne said...

Hey Maria, you know I would love for you to post that picture but would you wait until after next Sunday, please? For various reasons that I will fill you in on later, I am not going to be able to do weekend worship this weekend and I don't want people to come over and be disappointed--

Don't you love Ann's blog?! I think that's where we met and I am so grateful.

Love, D.

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing, I will go read her blog :D

Rosie said...

Oh dearest I shall definitely pop over form here...what a beautiful tribute...
well my dear...I just wanted you to know how much, I appreciate your beautiful posts and all the care you put into each beautiful "gift" you leave, for each and every one of us girls...I have left a wee award on my site to honor all your hard work
sweet dreams...smile on Rosie

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How I admire Ann's last sentences 'Just a bit of..'. Thank you so much for mentioning this lovely lady, Maria. Ann Voskamp, that's a typical Dutch name, isn't it? Perhaps I'll find out when i visit her...
You do enjoy these last days at school. Always such special days, much happiness and tiredness! ;o)
Sending many Summer Sprinkles your way. xx

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh, Maria! I am SO glad you have found Ann! Her posts inevitably make me weep and I often e-mail family and friends with her latest link. Her Father's Day post was one of those. She is one of my absolute favorites on this blogging journey.

koralee said...

Thank you Maria...I have not had the honor of meeting Ann yet...will go visit right now. Hugs for a great day my friend...Summmer is HERE!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yes, her writing is great! I can't tell you how many times I've been moved to tears after reading her postings. Or how many nights her music has soothed my troubled heart.

Nice to meet you!

It's me said...

Wowwww...she makes great pictures...........wowwwww...........i don't know how to follow her blog............thanks for share,.........have a good evening..hugs from me...Ria.....

Diana said...

You are a good friend Maria. I will have to stop by to visit Ann. Thank you. Love Di ♥

Linda said...

I have know Ann for a long time Maria. She is such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I'm glad you're telling others about her. They will be blessed indeed.

Camille said...

Your post title caught my attention on Farmgirl Cyn's sidebar. How wonderful that you are spreading the news of Ann. I too have been reading her posts for a long time and find that they often move me to tears. She just writes beautifully and says it sooo well! I hope many of your readers listen to you and visit her. I am in the "gratitude community" too...isn't it a blessing?


Barb said...

A poet with a keen eye and a kind heart. I'll visit with her. Hope you're having a restful summer, Maria.