Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Go Way Back

We met in 1973.
Freshman year at the University of Albany.

A year later we were dating.
Something inside of us knew that this was it. felt so right...

Ann's prompt to write a love letter {for June's marriage theme} had me browsing through old love letters Chris and I sent each other
...way back...

This is part of a letter that Chris wrote to me spring semester '76 while I was studying in France.
The photo was taken in the Bio {Biology} garden in 1977.
The trees were very were we.
{I was 21}
This spring, Chris and I took a walk on campus, as we sometimes do.
It's a beautiful campus with flowers, fountains, memories.
I was taken aback when I rounded the corner to see the science buildings

...the Bio garden was in full bloom...

Dear Chris,

This garden has flourished and become more stunning over the years.
The magnolia trees and rhododendrons are glorious.

How wonderful is the memory ~ the connection
of us and this beautiful place. sweet and gentle man...

We go way back,

and it still feels so right.
~ After almost 32 years, I can say with the whole of my heart ~

I love spending time you
I love walking with you
I love you! 

Wednesdays in June, Ann is encouraging us to write about marriage.
Stop over and see what people are writing !


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What stunning post, Maria. So much sweetness! Your thoughtful and heart touching words, the gorgeous colors of the magnolia, the beautiful couple underneath... ahhh,
you're making me daydream here. Want to go for a short weekend trip with my husband, to enjoy spending time with my sweetie.
Have a sweet sweet day, xx

Wanda said...

..."This garden has flourished and become more stunning over the years".....just like the both of you!

Such a lovely, lovely post, Maria!


koralee said...

Ahh Maria...this is such a tender loving moment you have shared with us all...thank you sweet friend..young and old love is such a gift..we all need to embrace it. Thank you for helping me to remember my University Days with my sweetie xoxoxo

Linda said...

An absolutely beautiful tribute to your love Maria.

Marg said...

You write so flows from your heart...but I can truly ditto those exact words. I have been so blessed, and I loved to hear about your romance. I might need to join in on Wednesdays, in hopes of inspiring others to stay in their marriages.

Barb said...

A long-blooming garden and a steadfast marriage - I'm sure both require tender care over the years, but the effort is well worth it. My Husband and I will celebrate 44 years this August (we were high school sweethearts). A lovely post of remembrance, Maria.

thegypsymama said...

Oh MAN! Those trees - just incredible! A perfect backdrop for falling in love!

Julie Harward said...

That was so sweet Maria...I could just feel how much the two of you enjoy walking together...and your marriage! :D

Rosie said...

oh very is the garden...the memories are so very my dear, are very blessed...
there isn't any internet where we will be staying, so I shall drop by for a cuppa when I get home...miss you Rosie

Regina said...

How romantic and inspiring.Wonderful story Maria. And the gorgeous garden symbolize its beauty.
Thank you for sharing Maria.


B SQUARED said...

A spectacular place for the two of you to share.

Duchess of Tea said...

Maria darling thank you for bringing back such loving and tender memories with your romantically and eloquently written post. I simply love visiting your blog, which always is so full of encouragement and magic charm in this anxiety filled world of ours. Thank you luv, thank you for being such a loving and caring friend to me during this difficult time in my life, you are so precious and I am grateful for your friendship. I wish you a lovely summer full of sunshine and blessings.

Love & Hugs

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh, Maria! What a touching and wonderul post! Congratulations on 32 years together!
You still look the same!
xo Yvonne

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A very heart warming post... A big congratulations on being together and still very happy and loved after 32 years... ♥♥♥

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely photos and thoughts in your recent posts, there is so much of life to be appreciated, including visiting your blog space.