Sunday, June 13, 2010

His and Hers

. . .This is my weekend. . .

I'm putting together a SURPRISE scrapbook for Rachael & Juan.

This was Chris' weekend.
Hiking in the Adirondack high peaks with Jason
in sunshine {Friday}
and in pouring rain {Saturday}
While they slept in the lean-to,
I watched "Julie and Julia" wrapped in my cozy comforter.

thinking about how delicious real butter is
and how dreamy these dried flowers will look in the scrapbook.

Chris and Jason are back from their adventure.
. . .
Rachael and Juan are due in tomorrow.
~ with adventures of their own to share ~

With a Grateful Heart
for all
His Blessings,
~ and wishing you many blessings of your own ~


Julie Harward said...

Ah, love what you are doing...and I loved that movie...I saw "Letters from Juliet" tonight and loved it too. (I'm like Paula Deen and you, I love butter too!) :D

Rosie said...

ahhh, yes, Julie is right, it is a lovely movie...I wear this silly grin on my face,during the ENTIRE movie, no matter how many times I watch this sweet show...have a fun filled Sunday with your dear on Rosie

It's me said...

Have a happy sunny day my darling..............enjoy !! all the things you do..............blessings and hugs from me...............Ria

Diana said...

So did you have time alone?!
The scrapbook will be lovely Maria. How did you like Julie and Julia? I found Julia Childs life very interesting! I imagine you will be anxious to her of everyone's adventures! Love Di ♥

LadyFi said...

What great adventures -- although I think you had the coziest time!

koralee said...

Oh sweet Maria....your weekend looks much like sweetie was away sailing and I got to play..yesterday was just me and the girls.
Today is my day to rest and organize for the week.
Your album looks amazing!
Have fun with your exciting to have the sweet bride and groom home. xoxoxo

Linda said...

The scrap book is such a lovely idea Maria. I know they will treasure it always.
I do like hiking, but I think I would prefer spending the weekend with you. I love that movie, and you are such sweet company!
Enjoy these beautiful days.

Barb said...

Well, Maria, I would have tagged along with Chris and Jason (though I might have grumbled a bit about the rain) - love their photos. Your scrapbook is going to be a treasure! I liked the movie Julie and Julia. I thought Streep did a great job as Julia. My husband liked it, too, which surprised me.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you chose the one that looked like their invitations!!! you're such a great mom, they are really going to enjoy this =) love you

Rosie said...

Good evening Maria,
What a wonderful treasure you have gifted them with...These are sweet memories to be cherished.
thanks so much for popping over to chat. Recently, I have been cooking a lot with fresh herbs. Tried looking up a roasted rosemary potato recipe for you, but couldn't find the one I usually use...will continue my search...until tomorrow...sweet dreams...Rosie...xoxo

Dianne said...

Oh, my goodness, Maria, the wedding was gorgeous--her hair was divine, you looked luscious--did you dance? I didn't see a picture of you dancing. Did I miss it. I've never seen so many gorgeous people all in one place.

I didn't know the date of the wedding and when you posted your dress I figured that the wedding was still a few wks away. This last week has been crazy for me and I didn't check it.

When I came over to visit tonight, I felt like I had missed the wedding itself. I had no clue it was this soon--but I made up for it basking in those glorious pictures. I can't tell you how much I wish them every happiness for the future. God has blessed you all so very much! Praise to Him!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Good Morning, sweet Maria, did the sweet couple have a good trip home? You must be so excited to hearing all about Barcelona. The book you are making is beautiful already, the black flowers are so stylish against the white! Now if you please excuse me, I must be off to look at your photobucket with the wedding pictures. What great idea! Never ever seen this before.
A huge hug for a wonderful week, hope there will be a lot of sunshine and Summer sprinkles in your lovely little corner of the world. xxx XXX xxx

Wanda said...

Butter, I'm in love with real butter.... enjoyed the movie too.

Misty said...

I've been away from my computer for too long. Loved catching up with you today. Weddings, postcards from Barcelona and now a quiet weekend to scrapbook. Sounds lovely. I really enjoyed the movie Julie and Julia. I read the book and did not love it - the movie was much sweeter. I do have My Life in France in my book pile to get to someday.