Friday, June 4, 2010

Mother of the Bride!

I love to dance!
...and I want to dance at my daughter's wedding...
Rachael found this dress for me!
It's perfect for dancing the night away!

She also found the cute flower purse at
White House/Black Market.
{luckily it was on sale!}
...I needed to accessorize with gold to brighten things up...
so I found the gold wrap at TJ Max.
{Don't you love that place for bargains? They couldn't find the price so they just said, "How's $4)
That made my day!
It's the little things sometimes :o)

 Wearing it proudly!


Rebecca said...

You are going to have the time of your life.

Can't wait to read more.

Love to you~Rebecca

Anita said...

I can't wait to see the photos!! You are going to be gorgeous! Now remember not to upstage the bride:-)

Cathy said...

That's beautiful. I hope you all have a most wonderful time!!!

koralee said...

You are going to look amazingly lovely my sweet sweet friend..enjoy every single second. xoxoxoo

Farmgirl Cyn said...

What a perfect mother of the bride dress! Maria, you will look stunning!

A Write Life said...

I love the dress! Wow. You'll be perfect.

Wanda said...

Perfectly beautiful dress, Maria. Your daughter, Rachael has very good taste!

Linda said...

It's perfect Maria! You are going to be absolutely stunning.
I love the quilt too :-)

Marg said...

That suits you to a TEA!!!
And the accessories are just perfect.

Dianne said...

When I walked out at one of my son's weddings, my middle son commented, "I thought the bride was supposed to be the prettiest one at the wedding."

I was old--already in my 50's and I knew he was just being sweet but it made my day.

I knew you would find the perfect dress and it is. Can't wait to see the pictures of you floating around the dance floor.

Rosie said...

Oh Maria,
You will be so Very Beautiful in this delectable little dress. Did your shopping extravaganza go well? Did you get the gold strappies?
...and do tell, how marvelous was your pedicure? I really must know.
Looking forward to a great "show and tell"
I shall be Praying tomorrow is PERFECT Rosie

Diana said...

Very nice Maria, you will look beautiful dancing in that dress. It will be a memorable evening to be sure! Love Di ♥

Barb said...

Catching up with you, Maria - I was hoping I hadn't missed the wedding entirely! I love the little purse favors (with chocolates) that you featured in a previous post. And this will look stunning for sure! Dance and Smile and Enjoy!

Regina said...

Its gorgeous Maria.
I missed a lot of your post.