Saturday, July 11, 2009

Complaining won't stop the Raining

A lil' maple tree that was rescued from our compost heap
finds refreshment.
~It's another rainy evening~
Thinking of this struggling little tree makes me a little grateful for the rain.


Diana said...

I love the rain. It always makes me feel that it's o.k. to get cozy and nap!

TCKK said...

Cool Picture! I don't mind the rain too much either! I love to sit on my front porch while it's raining!

Arija said...

Those rescued from the scrap heap often do best in life, I have an Oak that came to me from the Botanical Garden's compost heap. My daughter (web page attatched to wander the woods on my side bar)was research associate there and free to take anything she wanted from the compost,it was less than 1"tall when it came to me and now, 10 years later, is a wonderful shade tree,

TCKK said...

Great moon shots Maria! Have a great weekend.