Sunday, July 26, 2009

EKG for the Soul

~Amazed, once again~

I've been taking my journal with me to Sunday service...
since I end up losing my note-taking insert that's handed out beforehand.

My journal... I will not lose!

This morning's sermon was great...
I took messy notes, not to miss a word.

He talked about the process involved with a stress test for the heart.

The electrodes are wired all over your chest.
They will produce information as to the condition of the heart.
You walk fast on an incline gradually increasing...gripping tightly breaking into a jog. It will determine if there is adequate blood flow to your heart during increasing levels of activity. A good deal more information can be gathered if it is a radioactive stress test.

Our pastor then went on to use the EKG as a metaphor.
*I love metaphors*

What if we could use a similar test to check the condition of the soul.
What is our spiritual EKG?
What makes our spirits/hearts race?
What are our treasures...earthly or heavenly ?

Because heart disease runs in my family... and I have been at the treadmill for a stress test...The word "BLOCKAGE" came to my mind! And, so, while listening to his sermon, this question arose within me?

What is BLOCKING my heart / my spirit from a life of Grace?

This is my soul-work for the week.

Amazingly... after I returned home from church,
my very special perpetual calendar revealed a prayer for me to start this week's soul-homework:

My wonderful heavenly greetings from God!

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Marg said...

Thanks for sharing...I took some down time today at home, because I attended an evening service of worship with MW SMITH.
I always take notes in church..and I too love metaphors...

Wanda said...

Searching our hearts to uncover hidden motives for why we do certain things would be a good exercise for all...self analysis...something like house cleaning.

sparrowssong said...

Notes seem to reinforce inspiration to me. I write in the margin of my reading books as well.

To examine our motives and intentions because we often consider the situation with selfish motives as if we are the center of circumstances. And when things don't go our way, we may become offended in the littlest thing.

Great to meet you.

~Chris said...

A journal is great to bring to church. A Bible and a Journal can create the ultimate teaching moments.

Maria said...

Wonderful comments thank you! Thoughts to help my soul-work along...

Diana said...

Hi Maria, I love that you take a journal to church. What gave you the idea? I always love our Pastor's sermons and would like to remember more but my memory is getting worse and worse. Is this a common practice in your church? No one does this in ours that I notice but I am liking this idea.

B SQUARED said...

Wonderful words. Keep up your walk.

Anneliese said...

Good idea to take the journal. I've been taking notes and sometimes transferring them to my journal... but it seems I need repetion. If I don't take notes, I forget. I which I wouldn't forget so easily.