Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Okay to Take a Nap!

Yesterday I was able to spend a lot of time with my sister.
Any time we can steal for sister time is cherished.
We are sisters and best friends.
It's been over 30 years, but we still miss Mom...and need her, so we are also like 'a mother' to one another.
* * *
We walked together,
stopped along the way and had lunch at the cutest ol' fashioned diner together... ... and prayed together...

After she left, I continued to 'care for myself.'
I had two cups of tea.
It was also a beautiful afternoon.
...just warm enough...
with a beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds drifting by.
My oversize chair invited me over for the nap I've needed to take for months.
...a mid-day recovery...
I fell for it.
When I slowly opened my eyes, almost two hours later, a mourning dove was sitting on one of the bird feeder perches.
...just looking at me...
... watching me ~ like I watch her...
She sat there for the longest time.

I took these photos today of the doves that visit the feeder.

Then, I noticed... no food in the bottom feeder...
I guess they know who to stare at long enough for a little supper!

ps. Thank you Roo @
for leading me to Picasa 3 Posted by Picasa to make such fun collages!!!


Diana said...

Oh Maria that was too funny. Your description of your peaceful nap and the mourning doves watching you and then discovering that it was food they wanted!
But who knows, maybe they were actually admiring you. But you got a laugh out of me!

Wanda said...

The diner you visited had lots to look at while you waited...and I guess you were something to look at while the Doves waited!
Your chair looks very inviting...more naps in the future maybe?

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I love it when family gets together! My own sister,my only sibling, passed away nearly 7 years ago of accidental injuries. I miss her greatly, as well as my mom who has been gone 10 years now. Seize the day, Maria!
PS...I also had a nap this week...something I rarely do.

Roo said...

you are brilliant!!!! I LOVE this post -- with all my heart. :)

i love sisters.
i love diners.

Maria said...

Oh, thanks for stopping by!
I rarely allow myself a mid-day rest like that.
and will be accepting my chair's invitation more often... I don't always have two hours... but how valuable a lil' nap is to refresh!
A wonderful day to you all ~ Maria

Delwyn said...

Hello Maria

I have dropped in from Wanda's place.
I read your comment about saving your blogs and I have a simple method that I use that you may like to try.

Do you get your new posts delivered to your email?

If not select that option in the settings

Then in email copy the page and paste into a word doc

then edit out the bits you don't want
adjust the margins etc and presto you can save them like a document.

I print them out and save them in a lever arch folder. Some I send to my parents to keep them up to date.
One day I am going to select some of the stories and create a book online, at one of those websites for that purpose, for my future grandchildren...

Happy days

Barb said...

Maria, What a lovely post, letting us see what is in your heart. I think the doves were watching over you - well...maybe they wanted a little bite to eat, too.

Thank you for the smile quote. I've read that some research has been done with people who are clinically depressed - if they can manage to smile (with no reason, just put a smile on their faces), their depression begins to lift. It seems that brain chemistry changes when we smile.

I'm sending a smile your way.

Maria said...

Thanks Delwyn... I went in and changed my settings... I also added the email button to the bottom so I can email the old posts! Thanks again :)

Hi Barb! Thanks for the nice comment... I love to read really good quotes... I got the smile quote from A Robert Brault Reader... where he posts his thought/quotes weekly for the summer. It's worth stopping there... you'll probably stay a while !
Smiles back to you all* Maria

Marg said...

What a touching post....My sister and I have lost our mom 10 years ago and we still have our own pouting times together, saying, "What would mom be saying or thinking" I feel her presence oh, so near.
You left me thinking....The dove...It's a real word picture, stating that we all need one another and need to support, physically, emotionally, spiritually or what ever...
Bless you.

Linda said...

I have added you to my bloglines so I won't miss any of your posts Maria. I'm glad we've met. I love this post. I miss my sister. She has estranged herself from our family and we don't even know the reason why. It sounds like a lovely time together.
I hope you enjoy that recipe!!

Arija said...

Hi Maria, thank you for your visit.
Sisters are so special, our mother left us 20 yers go and all of us, ever our grandchildren who never met her, miss her and say things like Oma would have been proud of this or that or would have enjoyed this or this is just the right place for Oma to sit and enjoy the violets and roses. My sister lives interstate and the distance is a two day drive since I cannot fly. Recently we lost our last remaining brother and now we are the elder generation and need to be the fonts of wisdom which is an onerous task.
I am glad your nap turned into an afternoon sleep. I need those at lest every second day, no need to feel guilty about it either, the dove waited patiently for your return from dreamland.

Tranquility said...

What a pleasant day!
A nap? Hmmm... I could use one of those (and it's only 10am). ;)