Monday, October 12, 2009

I imagine myself to be . . . on an adventure

~brave and adventurous~

when in reality I'm thinking "lions and tigers and bears . . . oh my!"
* * * * * *
Today, my husband invited me to go on a hike with him.
After all, we're rarely home on a weekday...and there's this place down the road . . .

"Okay," adventurous Maria says.
...and off we went.
As we walked alone through the trails . . .
...I was thinking, "if there's a bear, and I die... at least the photos will remain."

I am such a

anyway... here are some photos I took.
Clearly I didn't die ;o) but... there were some strange patches that looked like a big bear (or some racoons) dug for grubs or for a place to sleep.

Doesn't being scared to death make you feel more alive!?!!
I really admire people like my sister and Barb (who visits here) for their fearless hiking!

truly beautiful

Spashes of color and some old, old trees

The stone walls were for sheep. A simpler time... hard work, fresh air, God's creatures.
(I'm not afraid of sheep ;o)
Hike 10.12.09

Wolf Creek

Some fruits of the woods.
(Anyone know what the berries are? They were growing on a tree).


Thank you

I was brave and adventurous
on the outside!

Wolk Creek was truly enchanting... and we'll be back ...
but a noise horn and a pine stick for protection just don't make me into the adventure girl I dream of being!


Diana said...

What a lovely hike Maria. It's nice that you were able to enjoy it with your husband.
Love Di

Wanda said...

Maria...that was a very nice hike in some beautiful peaceful woods...very safe looking! Aren't you glad your husband suggested it?

The tree could be a Black Tupelo, but not positive.

Luv and Smiles,

B SQUARED said...

Your nature walk seemed so unnatural.

Cassandra Frear said...

I am LOL.

This was great.

I go on hikes with my husband,too.
Things get really interesting when we decide to be more spontaneous.

Deidra said...

It looks beautiful and sounds like fun!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you were brave. It was a beautiful hike - and I got to tag along!

Maria said...

Thanks for visiting and laughing along... Wanda, thanks for the info on the tree... I'm looking into right now :)
... Yes that area is very tame, but neighbors up the hill have seen bears just walking through their yards...
I think I need more adventures, don't I?

Marg said...

It looks like a beautiful walk...We all experience different fears, unlike other family members.

I LOL when I saw that chicken...because all day I have been thinking about writing about some chicken nuggets...
I just finished a three week stint in the barns and now I look and feel like a chicken. So I will join you as another chicken...

It's so meaningful what our mothers pass along to us...
It has a special place in my heart.

Vicki said...

Hi, Maria,
Your nature walk was so beautiful! The colors on those leaves were breathtaking. We don't generally get that vivid of a color on our autumn trees where I live in Texas. I could not help but smile when you said you were courageous on the outside but a little scared on the inside. I used to live near the mountains in New Mexico and it never failed, when we went on a hike, I always had my eyes peeled for a bear. I am not sure what I would have done if I had seen one!! Probably faint dead away!! Blessings to you! Vicki

~Chris said...

It was such a wonderful walk... it bears repeating...

Kcalpesh said...

What a lovely place to go for a hike! Nice pictures

Thanks for your kind comment on my Skywatch Friday Photo.
- Pixellicious Photos

Wanda said...

Me again Maria...second thoughts on the tree, it may simply be a Dogwood tree...I am more familiar with the type with red berries, there are some with black, the leaves are so curled, I think maybe Dogwood is more likely what it is.

Barb said...

Maria - You are definitely an ADVENTURE girl and your photos prove it! I totally enjoyed your hike and the lovely trees, changing leaves, and berries. In the third mosaic, what is that red on the tree behind the stone wall? (I knocked myself off the computer trying to enlarge it!) I'm just glad there are no wolves at Wolf Creek...

Sandy said...

Having hiked in the Smoky Mountains a number of times, I've often wondered what I would do if I came face to face with a bear. It happens fairly frequently there! Thankfully I never encountered one on the trail. I love the mountains and hills in the autumn, and I always look forward to the glorious display of colors at this time of year. Our fall colors will peak closer to the end of the month, but we are beginning to get glimpses the beauty to come. Your post makes me want to go hiking this weekend!

Maria said...

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the great info and fun comments! Autumn does inspire a walk ...or two or three...
I looked up the Black Tupelo and it actually is a type of dogwood!
Thanks again for all the insight... Thanks Wanda!
You're all such pros at this!

The Smoky Mountains Sandy! wow... I can add you to my list of real adventure girls!

Barb, I'll add the photos below the post so you can see all around the woods! There were 'posted' signs every so often warning not to go off the trail (beyond the stone walls was property belonging to someone else). Also there were three or four trails marked by paint on the trees: red, gold, white and blue and we think green too.
Now I'm curious :)

Amanda said...

hehe i laughed at many of your comments mom =) you are so funny!!! Wouldn't it have been interesting to grow up in a time when you worked with your farm animals?!? I've often wondered about that. I wonder though that you weren't afraid of wolfs, that creek must've been named "wolf creek" for a reason... but all I could think of is Jacob from Twilight :P Great post mom

Linda said...

Thank you for that beautiful comment Maria. You have such an eloquent "pen". I love the picture you created of the quilt.

Someone's Mom said...

Thanks for you visit and comment on my Halloween table. Just the name of your blog made me take a deep breath. I have to say that I tend to think more like the chicken. My husband strongly suggested that I climb Sleeping Bear Dune in Michigan in June. I kept telling myself that if I died, it would read well in the paper.

Your pictures are beautiful.


koralee said...

Lovely adventure...your images are stunning. My husband is always taking me through the woods...he loves to ski and on all these little adventures I am praying we will not meet up with any wildlife...once while biking we met up with a black bear...scared me so much I got off my bike and stupid was that!!!! Now we all laugh about it. Thanks for sharing the lovely pieces of your world.

Barb said...

Hi Maria,
I'm back again to take a visual stroll through your woods. Even if that red is a posted sign, I'm going to pretend it's a bird box! I had to laugh at your comment about dying and yet the photos would remain. When my husband and I biked cross-country to CA a few years ago, I sometimes thought to myself, "Oh, well - if I die, I won't have to pedal anymore!"
My son Gregg says that sometimes adventure is even better when you get to retell it to someone else!