Monday, October 26, 2009

The Maples of Maple Avenue

There's a lovely avenue
in the little town where I live
where The Maples have lived from the start.

It was aptly named "Maple Avenue"
and its name still tells of the view.

In spring and summer their leaves are all green,

but this time of year

You'll see bright red and deep red
orange red and red orange
orange yellow and yellow orange
golden yellow and yellow gold

Align Center
A walk along Maple Avenue
A wonderful thing to do
Any season
Any time
few friends.

Take a few moments this week to gather some
in your hands.

* * * * *

How about now !


Vicki said...

Hello, Maria,
You always capture God's handiwork so beautifully! The maple trees are gorgeous. We do not have as dramatic of a change in seasons here in Central Texas as you do there in New York. I always enjoy seeing the changing of the seasons there. Hopefully, one of these days I will get up to your neck of the woods and see the autumn leaves in person. Thank you so much for stopping by for a cup of tea and a ghost cookie. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend! Vicki

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Your pictures are so well done and really capture the season. We are heading out in the morning to "leaf watch" for a few days. I hope to see some of nature's color myself.


koralee said... you live close to the town of Sandwich? You do live in upstate New York..right? I forget which state it was in but this street reminds me of this adorable little town so much...I think it could be in Rhode Island. Also thank you so much for the link to those yummy pumpkin cookies..I would so like to make some. You are a dear!

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
The maples here are gorgeous too!
I just love them. Nice photos!
Love Di

B SQUARED said...

Every town should have a Maple Avenue.

EcoRover said...

Miss those colors. Grew up in a town with lots of tree streets: Elm (yes, they still grew there then, prior to the extinction event), Chestnut (I was too late for them), and some others that I hope survive whatever diseases are being introduced these days: Oak, Ash, Maple, Hickory, Tulip, Poplar, geez I can't even remember them all anymore. Thanks for the reminder!

Wanda said...

Love the Maples Maria and also the color coordinated words make a great post even better!

Amanda said...

Oh mom!!! I can't wait to take a stroll down maple with you soon =) thanks for the pictures it's like a virtual stroll for now

Roo said...

soooopretty!! i love the fall colors!! when i lived in austrailia (YWAM) we had trees that looked like this all around the base. i loved it.

Barb said...

Maria - This post and your photos are wonderful - somehow I missed it earlier in the week. I love the Maple tree and actually planted one in front of our Denver house this summer to replace an ancient Cottonwood struck by lightening. I think mine is orange-red.