Monday, November 9, 2009

A few things I saw last week . . .

Some fun things I saw at our local diner and on a late afternoon stop at Pier One.

I don't really love shopping ...
but I do love 'poking around' a few favorite shops.

some fun things

Senior moments
heehee . . . I laugh in the face of them!

Friendship Pillow & Santa Apron
Pier One
If I can't make an apron like this in time for Christmas,
The elves will have to splurge!

It's very merry!

Pumpkin Pecan BiscottiGotta make these!
Yvonne @ StoneGable

Gotta blog about those!
One of these days ;o)

Apple Rosette Pie
I think that's so pretty...Am I up to the challenge,
who knows?

...and speaking of deadlines...
I have two totes filled with projects to correct!
First quarter is almost over... grades are due in next Tuesday.
What's Maria doing?
Daydreaming about a Mrs. Claus apron.


Back to work!
*That was fun though*


Barb said...

Oh, Maria, I had to smile at this post! I remember those days of deadlines and procrastination only too well...Hope your schoolbag is soon empty of work so you can make those biscotti (which I had to enlarge!) and that pie. I'll pass on the apron, but I think the pillow is fun. May have to take a stroll through a Denver Pier One!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh, but daydreaming is such fun. It must be good for you too! I can't believe how that cake looks. I thought those were real roses.


Wanda said...

Maria, I hope you find time to make that apple pie and red apron, after your school deadline of course...the pie before Thanksgiving and the apron before Christmas! Two deadlines for you! :)

B SQUARED said...

'Poking around,' that's what they call shopping these days?

Diana said...

Ah so nice to hear that I am not the only one daydreaming. You go girl!
Love Di

koralee said...

You are so sweet Maria...thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. I am slowly winning the battle but this nasty bug does like to take hold. I am wanting to be back to school by the end of the week...but I do want to make sure my terrible cough is gone as I know it will be spread to all my students. Sounds like you are amazingly busy...hang in there...keep dreaming of that cute apron! If I could sew I would make it for you but I am not gifted in that area at all!!!

Linda said...

What fun Maria. I love getting a peek into your day dreams. That apron is amazing! And the biscotti - oh my!

Now, time to correct those reports!

Vicki said...

Maria, you definitely need a Mrs. Claus apron!! If you don't make one, then please splurge and buy one. I am chuckling about the senior moment because I have quite a few of those!! I am glad you are taking time out to have some fun even if those projects to grade are still waiting. This is so important. One thing about tutoring at my school, I can leave everything and come right back to it the next day. No progress reports, report cards, perm records and so on. Did I mention I am loving retired life? I hope you have a beautiful week and thank you for your dedication to teaching our young ones, my friend. Vicki

Dianne said...

Cute, cute apron. I have a friend who is making aprons for Christmas presents. I need to send her that picture.

BTW, I copied those words to the song off of a website and did not proof them--was embarrassed to see that there were typos so I went back and corrected it for you if you want to print it out RIGHT!

Don't put off grading those projects. And don't do what I used to do. I would take my rubric and be so, so serious and strict about grading. By the time I got halfway through, I had let my standards down and had to go back and regrade the first half--smile!